HubSpot User Blog Guest Posting Guidelines

While our Marketing Blog has the largest readership of the three blogs, the User Blog can be an excellent choice for Connect Partners looking to gain exposure to people who are already using the HubSpot software.

If you’re looking to boost installations of your integration, or if your tool is most useful for the inbound-savvy marketers and sales teams using HubSpot, the User Blog is likely the best choice.

The mission of the HubSpot User Blog is to provide useful tips and practical instruction in the use of the HubSpot software and the practice of inbound. We love publishing guest posts by Partners, but we ask that all submissions adhere to the following guidelines:

In General

What’s the main thing you’re trying to teach HubSpot users to do? Every part of your post should be focused on enhancing a reader’s skill set. Aim to provide actionable insights throughout the article rather than summary, strategy, or statistics alone.

Take a look at this post for an idea of the actionable content we expect to see in any successful guest submission: How to Get Double-Digit Jumps in Organic Traffic with Content Pillars.

The Title

Your title should cut to the chase: readers should know exactly what they’re getting when they click on the article. Although basic, follow the formula ‘How to Do X with Y’ for best results.

Here is one reliable recipe for a great guest contribution:

The Introduction

Make a compelling case for why the skill or tool you’re talking about in your article is important for inbound marketing or growing a business. What’s the challenge people face with this topic, and how can your strategy or solution benefit users and help them achieve great things? If you’re talking about a strategy that your company employed that made a big impact on your bottom line, summarize the challenge or pain point that you initially faced.

The Results

Emphasize the outcome of whatever strategy or tool you used. Did it grow your subscriber base? Triple conversion rates? Increase customer retention? Provide data wherever possible. Graphs and images are great ways to display this.

The Steps

Take your reader through the steps your business used to achieve those results. List your steps clearly — you can denote them with subheadings that read, ‘Step 1,’ ‘Step 2,’ and so on with a concise description of the step next to the step number (e.g., “Step 1: Create a landing page”).


Now, it’s time to reiterate your results. Tell users about what your company did with these results and what you’re looking forward to next. How did these results help your team or business grow? 

You can also provide a short description of what your company is and what your integration with HubSpot does. The link you provided along with your topic ideas will appear at the bottom of your post.