Hone in on the most effective email templates. Share a library of templates across your entire team.

Personalized Templates

Email templates make it easy to send personalized messages right from your inbox.

Collect Useful Data

See useful metrics on which templates are getting opened and clicked, and share the best performing templates across your team.


Email Templates are a feature of HubSpot CRM, a powerful tool that helps supercharge every stage of your sales process.

Features of Email Templates in HubSpot CRM

  • HubSpot Sales lets you build a shared library of templates across your entire team. Choose the right email template without leaving your inbox. Personalization tokens automatically fill in basic details about your prospect.

  • In HubSpot Sales, every template you send is tracked. Get instant desktop notifications when your messages are opened or clicked, or drill into the details on an individual contacts' record.

  • Aggregate data on how often your emails get opened or clicked helps you hone in on the approaches worth sharing across your team.

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Features of HubSpot CRM

Track contacts, companies,
deals, and tasks

HubSpot CRM works with the tools you already use to organize every detail about your contacts in the background, automatically.

See useful details
about your prospects

See a 360 degree view of every contact in your database. Know when and how to reach out to the right prospects at the right time.

Monitor your
team’s progress

Easy to use reporting and an intuitive board view makes it easy to understand where you (and your team) stand, every day of the month.

The best part? It's 100% Free.