1E Increases Sales Meetings By 2X With HubSpot

1E helps its clients to reduce their IT costs as well as allow them to operate much faster and much more securely through its leading-edge automation solutions. By 2015, the company was looking for a way to achieve more with its inbound marketing, as the various point solutions it was using weren’t producing significant results. 1E’s search for an all-in-one platform led it to HubSpot. Today, the majority of its lead conversions come through its HubSpot email campaigns, and it is booking 2X more sales meetings.


Increase in sales meetings


Increase in visitor-to-lead conversion rate


Increase in the time visitors spend on website

1E Team


1E works with some the world’s largest and best-known organisations, and its mission is to help them to run IT for less. 1E’s software lifecycle automation solutions can handle both routine tasks and emergency actions in real time, so users can operate faster and more securely. It has been a Microsoft partner since its foundation in 1997, and its consulting services and software products are well known for adding value to Microsoft’s computer management solutions. 1E has over 30 million licences deployed across 1,700 organisations in over 100 countries.

Seeking a Platform for Inbound Success

IT software company 1E was founded in 1997 with just three employees. It has grown exponentially since then, with more than 30 million licences for its solutions deployed worldwide. Given the nature of its business, 1E was already aware of the importance of inbound marketing, but the collection of point solutions it was using weren’t proving up to the task.

“We were using several different platforms and tools but they didn’t link up together. We were losing out on data insights, and we couldn’t nurture our leads in a holistic way,” says Lucjan Zaborowski, head of performance marketing at 1E.

An advanced marketing automation platform seemed like the best way forward, and 1E narrowed it down to HubSpot software and one other vendor.

“The HubSpot Marketing Platform was ultimately the winner as it offered the best combination of features and usability. Its ease of use and design was a major plus point, because we wanted to get it up and running as soon as possible. It was also possible to quickly integrate it with Salesforce, which meant that our sales team would be able to access our lead intelligence and ultimately close more deals.”

The decision was made, and 1E signed up with HubSpot in 2015.

"HubSpot was offering a strong platform coupled with plenty of support, which was exactly what we were looking for."

Lucjan Zaborowski

Head of Performance Marketing


Tighter Targeting With the HubSpot Software

Visitors to the various sections of the 1E website such as the resources library, (featuring reports, webinar recordings and case studies) are encouraged to interact through Smart Calls-to-Action and Smart Forms, so the company can progressively gather their details.

“We enter visitors into Workflows, and they get highly targeted emails that encourage their journey through the funnel. We have a quite sophisticated lead scoring system as well; we award points for various actions, such as clicking through a certain number of emails or downloading certain content, until they earn enough to be deemed marketing qualified,” says Lucjan.

Those leads are then assigned to members of the 1E sales team, based on criteria such as company size or location.

“The HubSpot software integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, which has been important for us; it means we can get the right leads to the right account director at the right time.”

The support that HubSpot delivers has been a crucial part of 1E’s journey with the inbound methodology. The HubSpot Academy is often its first point of call for questions, and Lucjan says that he uses it “almost like Google”.

“80% of the time, we find our answer there, and we’ve been impressed by the quality of the resources on offer. In fact, we’ve made it standard practice that all our team members complete at least one HubSpot certification. We’ve rolled that out beyond the marketing team – there are courses for designers, for example – because there is value there for everyone.

“Our HubSpot customer success manager is also really helpful. We are in regular contact and he helps us to keep on track with our strategy. We also requested some consulting help on our Workflows about six months ago. We’ve been raving about it ever since, and we’re still using the lessons that we learned today.”

"We are responsible for getting the sales team high-quality leads, and the HubSpot software allows us to do just that."

- Lucjan Zaborowski

A Fast Track to Results

1E started seeing the results of its work with the HubSpot software almost immediately. Website traffic has improved, as has bounce rate; with visitors staying on site for 35% longer than before.

“Visitors are not only sticking around longer but they are also engaging more with our content. For example, our forms are a lot more user-friendly now. We’re not asking for people for the same information twice, so they are more likely to fill them in.”

Visitor-to-lead conversion rate is up by 50%, and 1E’s email campaigns have been particularly successful.

“We get majority of our lead conversions through email, and that’s a big deal!

Lead quality has also improved significantly, and 1E’s sales team is booking 2X more meetings driven by marketing than it did a year ago.

“We have a long sales cycle, so that’s a critical metric for us,” explains Lucjan.

1E is currently targeting companies that are migrating their systems to Windows 10, and the HubSpot software is playing a major role in that mission.

“We have a whole suite of software which can make that transition quick and effective, but we also want people to know that we’re thought leaders in this sector. We’re drive this messaging on social media, on our website, through emails, and we’re tracking the success of our activities with HubSpot Analytics. That’s been very useful for us; it shows us where we should be concentrating our efforts.”

"The HubSpot software has freed up our time and given us insights that simply weren’t possible before – I recommend it."

- Lucjan Zaborowski

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