Young Company PowerHouse Sports Stands Out In a Crowded Market

PowerHouse Sports needed a way to differentiate themselves in a crowded market. They knew they had to increase their brand awareness by improving their SEO and engagement on their website, but weren't sure of how to do this.


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PowerHouse Sports Team

About PowerHouse Sports develops interactive software for fantasy football players.


The owner of a growing company,, focused on the fantasy football market, Chris Barry’s biggest challenge was developing brand awareness in a crowded field.  For Chris, building brand awareness came down to a few key metrics - getting found, driving return visits and increasing  engagement on site.

How HubSpot helped

HubSpot has given the power to compete with anyone. The CMS has enabled them to easily host their content and  maintain a blog without having to hire technical staff.  The company uses HubSpot Keywords to track SEO and create optimized content.  As a result, the company has risen to the top of search results for 21 top search terms. Because of custom fields and the HubSpot API, has also been able to  send 100 fields from their site into HubSpot and create a tailored lead nurturing campaign based on those fields using workflows. One such nurturing campaign enables to automatically follow up with anyone who has created an account, but hasn’t yet started a team – a leading indicator of potential churn.  By connecting with inactive users, can better support the long-term engagement with its site.  In Chris’s own words, “I’ve never been more satisfied as a customer of any company ever.”

What would you say to others considering HubSpot?

“A small / mid-sized business should get HubSpot because it levels the playing field. HubSpot lets a little, tiny company like ours compete with anyone.”

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