A Small Job Gets Big Results As a HubSpot Partner

Spanish agency A Small Job had built up a reputation for producing attention-grabbing marketing events. However, it was struggling to prove the ROI of its activities; it wanted to run more holistic campaigns that fused both online and offline methods. Inbound was the answer. The agency joined the HubSpot Partner Program and has achieved some great results – including an 850X increase in profits, and today 70% of its clients are on retainer contracts.


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A Small Job Team


Founded in 2010, Spanish marketing agency A Small Job helps its clients to implement innovative campaigns with a demonstrable ROI. As a HubSpot Partner, it uses the inbound methodology to turn its customers’ websites into lead-generating machines, and it is so confident in its work that it links its compensation to the results it achieves.

Changing Lanes With an Inbound Partnership

After several years’ working for an international advertising agency, Juan Pablo Sánchez was ready for a change of direction.

“I wanted to spend more time getting to know my clients’ businesses and coming up with better, more thoughtful campaigns. But I had a hard time finding a marketing agency like that, so I decided to start my own and founded A Small Job in 2010.”

However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. While A Small Job did get a lot of project work, it wasn’t signing clients onto retainer contracts. The spectacular marketing events it produced garnered attention, but it was difficult to prove their ROI to clients.

“My ‘aha moment’ came when I was reading a book called The Marketing Agency Blueprint,” explains Juan. “It talked about the inbound methodology and the HubSpot software, and my eyes were opened! This was the framework we were looking for – it would allow us to start producing integrated campaigns that could be tied to results.”

Juan started to research marketing automation solution providers, including Eloqua and Pardot, but he was most impressed by HubSpot. The software had everything he needed to grow traffic and convert leads, and it was backed by a wealth of online content and a powerful support team.

After taking a trial of the HubSpot Marketing Platform, Juan was convinced that this should be the way forward for the agency and its clients. He signed up for the HubSpot Partner Program in 2014.

"It was an easy decision - the HubSpot Partner Program had everything we needed for success."

Juan Pablo Sánchez

CEO and Creative Director

A Small Job

Convincing Clients With a Joined-Up Approach

A Small Job wanted to turn its own website into a model of inbound marketing in action. It started the process by setting up personas for its target clients in the exhibition and FinTech industries. It then stepped up content production, putting case studies and ebooks on Landing Pages and adding a regularly updated Blog.

Juan also used the SEO tools and the Social Inbox to boost traffic and added Calls-to-Action and Forms to encourage visitors to engage with the website. Within weeks, leads were flowing in, and A Small Job took on its first inbound customers.  

As a HubSpot growth stack customer, A Small Job uses a combination of the Marketing, CRM and Sales software.

“The CRM is incredibly useful, I use it every day,” says Juan. “It’s like my right hand! It gives me an overview of how every lead has interacted with us, and that helps us get better at what we do. The sales software has been a revelation as well. Our salespeople are notified whenever a prospect opens an email, clicks a link or downloads an attachment; they can then automate and accelerate their follow-ups and close more deals.”

Before it became a HubSpot Partner, A Small Job got most its clients through networking. Today, 80% come through inbound. Juan is also producing the kind of joined-up marketing campaigns that he had always wanted to do.

“Convincing clients has become a lot easier, because I can prove the impact of every action we take with the Marketing Analytics Dashboard.  Once they see that they are getting a tangible return on their investment, they are prepared to sign up for longer and more lucrative contracts.”

"Once our clients sign up, they never want to leave! HubSpot makes it possible for them to clearly see the ROI of their marketing."

- Juan Pablo Sánchez

A Profitable Partnership

A Small Job is becoming a powerful force in the Spanish inbound marketing arena. It now gets 6.000 website visitors and 100 leads every month, and 70% of its clients on retainer contracts. As well as this, its profits has grown by 2017 year-on-year.

“Inbound is working for us, and it’s also working for our clients,” says Juan. “On average, they increase their website traffic by 3.5X and their leads by 2X. One of our customers, the events company MacGuffin, has boosted its leads by 29X, and last January, we qualified €4.5m in opportunities for another client.”

These are big numbers, but A Small Job has no intention of resting on its laurels. Already a HubSpot Gold Tier Partner, Juan is confident that the agency can reach Platinum Tier status by the end of the year. It already has some of its customers using the HubSpot growth stack, and it plans to make this the standard across the board.

“Thanks to HubSpot, we have all the tools we need to really succeed with inbound. We simply couldn’t have achieved so much without it, and it’s going to help us continue on this upward trajectory.”

"The HubSpot Partner Program allowed us to hit the ground running with inbound. I would recommend it to any agency that’s serious about growth."

- Juan Pablo Sánchez

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