Acoustiblok, Inc. Increases Customer Transactions by 40% with Inbound Marketing

Acoustiblok, Inc. simply didn't have a clear, defined marketing strategy. They saw their more versatile competition taking their business, while their brand awareness and web presence remained stagnant. They had huge growth goals they were committed to meeting, but no plan to execute on.


increase in leads from organic search


increase in customer transactions


increase in web traffic

Acoustiblok, Inc. Team

About Acoustiblok

Acoustiblok, Inc. provides a family of sound proofing products for a wide range of indoor and outdoor noise pollution problems.

Acoustiblok, Inc. Tampa, Florida B2C & B2B 11-50 Employees Industrial Products Industry

"We knew we had to get more web traffic and that more traffic would equate to more leads. We were able to use the HubSpot software to help us with our traffic building initiatives and as expected our leads increased dramatically as our traffic increased!”
- Lahnie Johnson, President and CEO Acoustiblok, Inc.

Acoustiblok, Inc. provides a family of sound proofing products for a wide range of indoor and outdoor noise pollution problems. The company, which has orgins at NASA, builds their products in the USA andships products to over 60 countries worldwide. Theyserve almost every business and industry includingindustrial, commercial, residential, marine and transportation. Their products can be found onoff shore oilrigs, in office cubes, railway lines, home theaters, power plants, bathrooms, and automobiles. They quiet environments with a wide range of products designed for specific situations.

Before HubSpot:

  • Acoustiblok struggled gaining leads and their website was not generating enough traffic for them to achieve the huge growth goals the company had set for itself.
  • Overall, Acoustiblok’s brand awareness was stagnant and they were having a difficult time presenting their product on two fronts to both B2B and B2C customers. They continually watched as smaller more versatile companies stole their business.
  • The company was using a variety of approaches to their marketing with no clear defined strategy. With a small team they needed to better understand where to best devote their efforts for the greatest return on their marketing investments.

Results After 1.5 Years with HubSpot:


How Did HubSpot Help?

  • HubSpot's Keyword Grader allowed Acoustiblok to build a better plan for their SEO and helped them evaluate and adjust their content to better fit their customer’s needs. This act made it easier for customers to find them over their competitors.
  • Using HubSpot's Landing Pages allowed Acoustiblok to create more effective calls to action on their pages which led to a 40 percent increase in customer transactions in just over a year.
  • HubSpot's Marketing Analytics allowed them to better track what their main competitors were doing. It provided Acoustiblok with a way to measure what they were doing against their competitors over time so they could learn and adjust their own strategies accordingly.

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"We love the competitor tracking tool as it helps us to get a view of the marketplace whenever we want or need to see some of what our competitors are doing."

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