Adolfo Ibáñez Increases Conversions and Leads Tenfold with Inbound Marketing and the HubSpot COS

Adolfo Ibáñez School of Management wanted a new marketing playbook to increase their presence in Latin America beyond their traditional reach. They needed a flexible website that would allow them to attract more leads, update content easily, provide a great experience for mobile phone users and give them analytics and insights behind their marketing initiatives. They found this with the help of an inbound marketing strategy created by HubSpot partner LeadsRocket and website with HubSpot’s Content Optimization System (COS) implemented by Market8.


conversion rate increase in 5 months


increase in leads within the first month


increase in students accepted per semester

LeadsRocket Team

About Adolfo Ibáñez and Partners

The Adolfo Ibáñez School of Management in Miami, FL is focused exclusively on education for C-level executives and entrepreneurs engaged in worldwide business. LeadsRocket is an expert in delivering successful inbound marketing strategies to companies throughout Chile and Latin America. Market 8 is a web design & inbound marketing agency that helps businesses grow through better websites.


Alex Valero, Director of Admissions at Adolfo Ibáñez School of Management, wanted to reach their audience in new an innovative ways, more in line with the character of the program. She knew the site was missing an important key to measure the results of her online marketing initiatives. 

She had been relying on referrals and email marketing campaigns to attract prospects. The emails were sent exclusively through a partnership with some business magazines.  This meant that she had to wait for an email from the partner for basic performance metrics and that she didn’t have the ability to drill into deeper analytics.

Also, Alex felt blind to how prospects were reacting to their online content. There were no invitations to get more information or apply online.  The site was difficult to navigate and had too many tabs, so she knew that some candidates were too discouraged to keep exploring their programs. But she did not have any tools to measure the site’s performance and see where they were losing candidates. Further, the site was inflexible which made it hard to update or add content in a reasonable amount of time.

Alex knew that she needed all-in-one marketing software with built-in analytics to improve Adolfo Ibáñez’s online presence to generate more leads and nurture them more effectively.

"The mobile design has been a hit for me. In our MBA program we cultivate innovation and we have to live by our word in our communications with candidates."

Alex Valero

Director of Admissions

Adolfo Ibáñez

Adolfo Ibáñez Gets Started With HubSpot

Alex met Javier Morales Stekel from LeadsRocket, who had experience in the Higher education field and understood her challenges.  He saw that he could help her by designing a solution using his inbound marketing expertise and HubSpot, leveraging its new Content Optimization System (COS).  Javier created an inbound marketing strategy and website wireframe for Alex that would help Adolfo Ibáñez generate its own leads, provide analytics on site performance, and show the interest level of the potential candidates.

One of the key pieces of this strategy was to create multiple offers for the website to target prospects for all lifecycle stages.  Previously, “Contact Us” was the only call-to-action, so he created offers for prospects in the top, middle and bottom of Adolfo Ibáñez’s marketing funnel.  Each of these offers was connected to a HubSpot Landing Page to collect information from the prospect and give Alex insight into what potential clients were doing on the site and how her marketing activities were performing.

After designing the website and strategy, Javier brought on another HubSpot partner to implement the plan:  Eduardo Esparza from Market8.  Eduardo felt that HubSpot’s COS would be the perfect tool to bring the strategy to life because it is very flexible.  It was important for Alex to know that changes could be made quickly and easily to keep the fresh site because the university frequently adds some updates, new blogs and has new information to share with prospects, alumni and current students.

Eduardo also felt that HubSpot’s COS was the most advanced mobile platform.  Adolfo Ibáñez had never created a mobile-friendly website and Alex knew that higher education students were researching programs online more and more.  Since HubSpot’s COS enables responsive design, meaning it automatically adapts to provide the site visitor the best viewing experience based on the device they are using, it would take little extra work to have a mobile-friendly site.  “If it weren’t responsive we would have had two different sites – it would have been a ton more work to make one mobile friendly and it still wouldn’t have come near the result we had with the COS,” says Eduardo.

Further, Alex loved the fact that HubSpot provided her with a mobile app to see the results of her marketing activities. She had been using a notebook to track leads, but after implementation her notebook pages became swamped with the increased volume of leads! Plus, she travels often for recruiting events and felt that the mobile app gave her more control and visibility into what prospects were doing online.  “Every time I look on my phone I can see new form submissions.  It's good because I know my business won’t stop if I’m traveling. Candidates can receive automatized emails from me while I’m handling other businesses."  


Results and What's Next

The inbound strategy and new website that Javier and Eduardo created for Alex has exceeded her expectations.  And the results came in at amazing speed.  Within the first two months she had over 200 leads per month, where she used to see less than twenty!  Much of this success is attributed to the new visitors attracted to her site through the offers and and 9.2% conversion rate from visits to leads now that she has content and the tools to nurture them.

Alex next saw impact on the bottom line.  After the first full recruiting season of using HubSpot, Adolfo Ibanez accepted 37% more customers into its program for the following semester.  This ultimately meant that more seats were filled, helping the program reach more students and be more profitable.

Beyond these performance numbers, Alex loves the fact that HubSpot gives her feedback on her marketing activities and complements her personal follow-up with prospective students.   Says Alex, "My client is taken care of when I'm not sitting at my computer.  They'll immediately receive a reply with my signature from me when they download a brochure or content at any time in the day. So they're already getting to know me and then I can touch base with them when I'm in the next morning."

Javier and Alex have big plans for the future of Adolfo Ibáñez’s inbound marketing strategy with Eduardo making website developments on HubSpot’s COS.  Their next plan is enhanced nurturing and to explore personalization, customizing the website for three personas:  alumni, current students and prospective students. Javier says, “By spreading the word online about this leading institution, we look forward to increasing application rates for Adolfo Ibáñez School of Management, thanks to the use of inbound marketing and the new COS.”

"Higher education is a high consideration decision. Adolfo Ibáñez’s use of inbound marketing with marketing automation will help prospective students learn about the program and institution, making it easier to decide."

Javier Morales Stekel

Founder & Director


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