Amadeus Rail Yields Record Results with First HubSpot Campaign

Amadeus Rail needed a way to supercharge their marketing activities and establish themselves as leaders in the rail travel sector. With a small marketing team of four people, disconnected marketing software, and no way to measure the results of their marketing strategy, the company struggled to build engagement with their brand. They found a solution in HubSpot’s all-in-one inbound marketing tools and helpful consultation process.


new contacts in 3 months


speaker invitations at prominent industry events


Amadeus Rail, a division of Amadeus travel technology group, is a leading provider of booking and transaction software for rail travel agents within Europe and North America.


Philip Martin, Head of Marketing at Amadeus Rail, understood the importance of inbound marketing - to attract people to his business by giving them great content and helpful resources and then turn them into repeat customers and brand promoters. He began implementing inbound marketing strategies when he joined the business unit in 2008. He thought he had all the tools he needed: a LinkedIn and Twitter account, a blog, and an industry email newsletter.

But as he soon discovered, juggling multiple inbound tools without a cohesive management system in place proved chaotic.  Since none of the marketing tools were integrated his team was wasting time manually entering and manipulating data in excel spreadsheets. He had difficulties managing these disparate systems and struggled to prove that any marketing activities were really working.

As this small department’s marketing budget was dependent on being able to justify their spend to the company’s Vice President, Philip needed to pull all the components of the marketing strategy together in a way that could be measured as a cohesive whole. He had to be able to prove the ROI of his marketing efforts to company executives and needed a system that could help him achieve this.

Thankfully, as a devotee of HubSpot’s extensive Inbound Marketing resources, Philip says he knew where to turn for help. “I was downloading nearly every single HubSpot white paper because they were so useful.” After researching HubSpot’s software complementary to its resources and examining his marketing department’s activities, Philip decided it was time to act.

"Because of our visibility, industry awareness and credibility, people are calling to ask us to speak at their events."

Philip Martin

Head of Marketing

Amadeus Rail

How HubSpot Helped

Philip got in touch with the HubSpot sales team and credits its consultative sales process as pivotal to the successful partnership. He was then introduced to his consultant, Mike Ewing, who became an integral part of the Amadeus Rail team as their new marketing tools and strategies were deployed.  “Mike really understood what we were trying to achieve. He was like part of our team in the beginning.”

They decided to start by creating a whitepaper of helpful industry content for their target market. The Rail Journey to 2020 report was compiled to highlight key trends and drivers affecting the evolution of cross-border passenger rail in Europe, projecting Amadeus as the experts in their industry.

Prior to the launch of the white paper, Philip used some teaser campaign tactics to generate interest. They ran a pre-launch of the paper and invited people to download the report before it was officially launched using HubSpot’s social media tools and the Amadeus Rail blog. This generated alot of buzz, with industry experts and media quick to respond to this hotly anticipated must-have industry information.

Philip launched the content further using HubSpot’s email marketing tools and landing pages.  Using HubSpot’s all-in-one tools, they were able to see how prospects were engaging with them across multiple channels and monitor the progress of the paper to clearly assess its impact.

"Mike [our HubSpot consultant] really understood what we were trying to achieve. He was like part of our team in the beginning."


Their state-of-the-industry white paper positioned Amadeus Rail as an authority, defining their reputation as leaders in their sector and expanded their global reach; generating retweets, new site visitors and 1,400+ white paper downloads.

The media were quick to respond to this must-have information. “CNN downloaded the report (to use in their study on European rail trends),” says Philip, “and we’ve had over 360 news clippings (items of media coverage) from this one campaign.”

Because of the coverage - which HubSpot’s tools and consultative process helped to generate - Amadeus Rail is now firmly positioned as a trusted resource for industry information. As a result, the company director has been invited to speak at many important industry events.  “Because of our visibility, industry awareness and credibility, people are calling to ask us to speak at their events.”

The all-in-one nature of HubSpot and its closed loop reporting capabilities enabled Amadeus Rail to measure results like they never had before. “Once we started using HubSpot we were able to consolidate everything. We had much better visibility about what we were doing."

Ultimately Philip was able to show his bosses how HubSpot’s tools could supercharge their marketing activities, put their industry spokespeople in the limelight, build their brand as a trusted source of industry information and make their business more attractive to potential customers.

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