anfix Generates 4X More Leads With HubSpot

Accounting software company anfix wanted to get more leads and nurture them through the entire buyer’s funnel. It found that outbound tactics were becoming less effective and that its online marketing was not delivering the results it needed. It decided to launch a new strategy based on the inbound marketing methodology, and it partnered with HubSpot to do it. Since then, anfix has increased its website traffic by 57% and its leads by 4X.


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Launched in 2010 and based in Valladolid in Spain, anfix offers a cloud-based accounting application for small businesses. It provides its users with billing, collection, document storage, project management and taxation tools and a fast, simple way to create electronic invoices, quotes and orders.

Making the Move to Inbound

anfix is a leading provider of cloud-based accounting software that is used by thousands of small businesses. However, by 2016 the FinTech company recognised that it needed a new approach to marketing.

“We had a conversion problem. Although our content strategy was generating website traffic, it wasn’t optimised for conversions and lead generation. We used Hoostsuite for social media and did some AdWords campaigns, but there wasn’t a cohesive strategy,” explains Fernando Muñoz, inbound marketing manager with anfix.

When the company launched a new version of its product, it decided that it needed to focus on the inbound methodology, and it hired Fernando to help them do it.

“The idea was that we would attract more users with high quality content and convert them with automated lead nurturing. I had used the HubSpot software in previous roles and I knew that it was the right platform for the job. It had everything we needed – lead generation, lead scoring, emailing, analytics – it was easy to use and I knew that it would get results.”

anfix also evaluated Pardot, but it ultimately decided that the HubSpot software would be more effective, and Fernando knew from his previous experience that the entire team would be able to get up to speed quickly. The decision was made, and the company signed on the dotted line with HubSpot in October 2016.

"The HubSpot software is agile, effective and helping us grow our business."

Fernando Muñoz

Inbound Marketing Manager


Converting Customers With Targeted Content

anfix’s old marketing strategy hadn’t focussed on conversions, and it used the HubSpot software to start changing this. It identified three key personas – the freelancer, the small business and the accountant – and developed different content to appeal to each one. The company’s Blog and its Landing Pages are now key destinations for visitor conversions, says Fernando.

“Everything we write is now useful to the visitors but also creates value around our product. We make sure that we drive engagement with offers – or as we call them, lead magnets – that are backed by Calls-to-Action and Forms.”

The company is now able to tightly target each of its personas, by segmenting them into Lists depending on the information they share and their stage in the funnel. It then runs Campaigns, using Workflows and Emails that move prospects through the entire funnel. It keeps track of the efficacy of its efforts with the Marketing Analytics Dashboard, which allows it see at a glance what is working and what isn’t. It also uses advanced HubSpot features, such as A/B testing, to further hone its activities and get more qualified leads.

“Choosing the right accounting software is a big decision for our clients – they do a lot of research through a lot of different channels. With the HubSpot Marketing Platform, we can give them the content they need, when they need it, and introduce them to our product while we do it.”

"Our strategy is customer focussed but data driven, so the HubSpot software is perfect for us."

- Fernando Muñoz

The Road to Success, Paved by HubSpot

Since becoming a HubSpot customer, anfix has achieved its aim of getting more visitors to convert. Website traffic is up by 57%, while lead generation has increased by 4X. As well as this, it is nurturing impressive numbers of leads through the entire funnel.

“We have our content set up to work for us,” says Fernando. “One of our ebooks, The Basic Accounting Guide for Small Business, has been hugely successful and has a conversion rate of 29%. We also used Lead Flows to create an email course on how to manage a small business. That’s proved really popular”.

anfix is competing against some major market players, but it is confident that with the HubSpot Marketing Platform and the inbound methodology, it can take them on.

“We are up against big companies, but our point of differentiation is our content strategy. We want to be the first thing that our potential customers find when they start their research and then demonstrate how our solution can meet all their needs and address their concerns. We’ve only been using the HubSpot software for six months; by the end of the year, we think we can be the number one SaaS accountancy solution provider in Spain.”

"To be successful in marketing, you need to combine the right strategy with the right technology, and the HubSpot marketing platform allows us to do just that."

- Fernando Muñoz

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