B2B Ecommerce Company Atlas RFID Increases Revenue 50% Using HubSpot

Atlas RFID Store is an established B2B ecommerce business that was struggling to connect marketing efforts with sales and revenue growth. Atlas RFID implemented HubSpot and saw remarkable results within months. Suddenly, they could automate their lead follow-up and personally touch only the best-quality leads. Launching content offers and blogging consistently over their first year resulted in a 7.5X increase in leads and grew lifetime customer revenue by 128%.


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Atlas RFID Team

About Atlas RFID Store

atlasRFIDstore is an eCommerce company focusing on RFID technologies. We have a very customer centric philosophy at atlasRFIDstore, and we work hard to develop consultant-like relationships with our customers so that they have the necessary knowledge to implement our partners’ products in successful applications. With our expertise in RFID technologies, we’re able to help customers no matter their situation or application.

Life Before HubSpot

Before starting to use HubSpot, the marketing team at Atlas RFID Store, lead by Digital Marketing Manager, James Thrasher, was generating leads but struggled to generate qualified leads. The majority of leads came from their Contact Us form and newsletter subscriptions, and those, they found, were not necessarily a good fit.

When they launched their first eBook, they were using a lightweight tool called aWeber to handle lead capture and emails. The tool worked well for simply capturing leads via a form and sending a basic one-off automatic response email, but they were missing the ability to gain useful insights about their contacts. Other than knowing the person was interested in the eBook, they had no other intelligence to help better market to and sell to their prospects.

They received most of their business through an online shopping cart and phone orders. But they struggled to connect if and how their online marketing activities were driving the phone sales. In order to do this, they needed  to find a platform that could provide insight into the entire online interactions of their prospects and customers.

"We were flying blind with only basic marketing data, and we needed a better way to measure the impact of marketing activities on generating sales. HubSpot has helped us acquire customers more quickly, more cheaply, and more efficiently."

James Thrasher

Digital Marketing Manager

Atlas RFID Store

How HubSpot Helped

Atlas RFID Store looked at several leading marketing automation platforms on the market and chose HubSpot based on its intuitive user-interface, all-in-one breadth of features, learning center, technical support, and general ease-of-use.

Getting Started With HubSpot

Prior to getting HubSpot, James was an avid reader of HubSpot's blog, so the learning curve to adopt inbound marketing into their process wasn't very steep. "The training modules inside HubSpot Academy did a great job of filling in knowledge gaps and quickly taught me how to use the software," said James. 

Just knowing how to use the software wasn't their objective — they needed to know how to use the software to achieve their sales goals. The consulting sessions helped their marketing team by allowing the opportunity to bounce ideas off an expert and learn a great deal in the process. They learned how to deploy Smart Lists and automated Workflows which proved to be critical pieces in their plan to drive growth in sales. 

Growing Traffic

HubSpot has helped drive a wealth of new traffic and leads to their site. By easily adding Calls-to-Action buttons to their blog, they've increased blog subscribers by 1,933% within their first year. Traffic to the ecommerce store from links within the content (such as ebooks) rose 350%. "The content we create using HubSpot is now directly responsible for 7% of our overall revenue. Before HubSpot, we couldn't directly tell IF content was driving sales," says James.

Converting Contacts

The marketing team at Atlas RFID is also using HubSpot to turn traffic into valuable contacts and leads. "Two of the tools we've gotten the most value from have been HubSpot's automated workflows and dynamically updating smart lists. We're now able to better promote the right content to the right customers at the right time using smart lists and workflows automation. We've also been able to automate Emails on behalf of our sales team—a functionality that has proven enormously valuable in increasing sales productivity. And these emails aren't just performing better, they're actually starting real conversations between our contacts and our sales reps," says James.

HubSpot also enables them to send post-transactional Net Promoter Score surveys to their customers and measure overall satisfaction with different groups of products and services offered. In addition to measuring and analyzing, HubSpot enables them to react to the responses of customers based on whether or not someone is a promoter or detractor.

Sales + Marketing Enablement

The team at Atlas RFID has seen improved efficiencies across both marketing and sales since they started using HubSpot. "We're not a large team, so any efficiency gains make a huge impact," says James. For example, after a prospect becomes a customer, the responsibilities of the marketing team shift to extracting additional value from that customer over time. With HubSpot, they created a post-conversion workflow to help customers make smarter decisions about replenishing their stock. "It's a better experience for the customer, and it helps us bring a greater amount of ecommerce revenue in the door with greater consistency," James is happy to share.

With HubSpot, they've sent over 7,000 emails on behalf of the sales team—drastically increasing sales reps efficiency. "Without marketing automation in HubSpot, connecting with that many potential customers would never have been possible before," says James.

Analytics & Insight

HubSpot has given Atlas RFID a wealth of data, they now have the capabilities of scoring leads and understanding their interests via pageviews, email, and Social Media engagement which has lead to a 50% increase in sales. With clear call-to-actions and professional Landing Pages, they've been able to generate a 752% increase in leads within their first year.

"HubSpot doesn't just help us grow sales through great customer-facing tools, it helps us continually improve by measuring what is and isn't driving actual revenue growth."

James Thrasher

Digital Marketing Manager

Atlas RFID Store

Growing Stronger With HubSpot

"HubSpot is a fantastic tool that amplifies our marketing efforts at scale and enable us to communicate personalized information on a one-to-one basis—and it's all measurable! This means that we don't just roll out a tool within HubSpot to drive sales, we can constantly work to increase yield and improve results," claims James.

They plan on turning their shopping cart into a highly personalized buying experience for their customers—one that's on par and consistent with the highly customized buying experience they have when talking to their sales reps. Without a human being measuring, observing, and reacting, they're relying on HubSpot's dynamic content and personalization tools to help build this new strategy out as they look to the future.

"We've seen great success with simple, static CTAs, but now we're rolling out Smart CTAs that turn the customer's experience on our website into an efficient and enjoyable one. We've underutilized these features up until this point, and we're looking forward to using them to help protect our customer's valuable time selling them what they need when they need it with less effort on their part," concludes James.

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