Avella Specialty Pharmacy Increases Online Conversions 38% with HubSpot and Leverages Their Content Optimization System

Avella Specialty Pharmacy is a leading specialty pharmacy that used to rely on standalone marketing and web applications to create content and communicate with its customers. With a growing and increasingly diverse customer base, the company turned to HubSpot to standardize its marketing technologies, streamline its communications, and enhance its online customer experience for better retention and sales.


increase in web traffic
over 6 mos.


increase in organic traffic
over 6 mos.


increase in landing page conversions

About Avella

Founded in 1996, Avella Specialty Pharmacy (Avella) has grown to become one of the nation's leading and most respected specialty pharmacies. Avella's mission is to optimize patient health through a relentless devotion to clinical excellence. The company offers a variety of programs to educate and engage patients, while also helping patients address their unique medication needs and challenges by collaborating with doctors, health plans, and manufacturers. Avella comprises a national distribution facility, community-based pharmacies in eight states, a wholesale division and a robust on-the-ground sales force delivering support and therapies to hundreds of thousands of patients throughout the United States.

The Modern Specialty Pharmacy

Pharmaceuticals are big business. The Mom-and-Pop pharmacies that anchored communities have been replaced with large corporate stores and discount online pharmacies. And information about illnesses, conditions, and the emerging medications available to treat them is often just a web page away.

Avella Specialty Pharmacy is redefining the specialty pharmacy space by uniting previously separate services into a single, unified source for essential information about a rapidly changing industry and delivery of cutting-edge medicines to patients who need them most.

But to better communicate with patients, healthcare providers, payors, and pharmaceutical manufacturers, Avella needed to replace the disparate digital marketing platforms it had been using with fully integrated applications featuring powerful analytics, insights, and automation. 

Today the company relies on a number of HubSpot apps such as it's Content Optimization System (COS) and Analytics app to provide real-time data and actionable insights for delivering powerful, targeted content to diverse customer segments. Other HubSpot apps like list building, landing pages, SEO, workflow automation, and smart calls-to-action features also play a key role in helping the marketing team engage customers in ways no one else in the industry does.

“Any pharmacy can provide a little educational content and fill prescriptions,” Todd Speranzo, Avella Specialty Pharmacy’s Vice President of Marketing, says. “We wanted to do something unique in the market and chose HubSpot because it offers the largest array of fully integrated apps that simplifies the process of creating authentic engagement with all of our customers.”

"HubSpot offers the largest array of fully integrated apps of any solution we looked at and makes it easy to see the best paths for engaging with our customers by putting all the data in one place."

Todd Speranzo

Vice President of Marketing


Let's Get Personal

One of Avella’s primary objectives was to personalize the customer experience on its website and through its marketing communications. Before HubSpot, this meant manually changing content and page layouts to address each of the company’s customer segments, as well as manually coding to optimize for mobile.

Instead, HubSpot COS is mobile-ready right out of the box for easy browsing and navigation on any device and features several built-in marketing applications to ensure the most personalized experience possible. Todd’s team uses the integrated content management system (CMS) to rapidly design an easy-to-navigate, fully optimized site.


The smart content and smart CTAs apps dynamically tailor content, images and calls-to-action in emails and on landing pages for every visitor. Todd also loves the valuable insights he can get with HubSpot’s progressive forms, social inbox monitoring, and page performance metrics that shape his team’s conversion strategies.

“HubSpot makes it easier to strategically place conversion opportunities everywhere on our site based on real-time statistics and precise customer personas,” he says. “Once we know what customers are looking for, the custom workflows automatically change how and when content is deployed without us having to manage it, which has led to a 38% increase in conversions this year alone.

"HubSpot and integrated third-party apps let us measure what content—infographics, white papers, videos, or publications—is catching our audience’s attention and build on that success by tracking traffic, campaigns, keywords, and other key metrics."

- Todd Speranzo

Gaining a Competitive Advantage with Data-driven Marketing

HubSpot software has enabled Avella to take their website and marketing to the next level.  “HubSpot makes everyone on our team better at their job,” Todd says. “It’s been the catalyst for revamping our marketing and customer communications efforts to differentiate our business from everyone else’s.”

Moving forward, Todd plans to continue adding new apps, integrations, and partners to the mix and scale Avella’s marketing efforts further. “At the end of the day, we strive to be the industry thought leader in specialty pharmacy for our providers and our patients,” he says. “HubSpot exponentially increases the ways we can communicate and connect with a number of different customer audiences for a better overall experience and differentiate our brand in the process.”

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