Azendoo Aligns Its Sales and Marketing With the HubSpot Growth Stack

By 2015, French startup Azendoo had built up a worldwide following for its team collaboration app, and it wanted to continue that upward trajectory. However, it was finding it difficult to ensure that leads were being nurtured, and there was little alignment between its sales and marketing teams. Azendoo’s search for an integrated solution led it to HubSpot. Since then, it has increased leads by 20% and customers by 10%.


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Increase in leads


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Azendoo Team


French startup Azendoo makes it simple to share tasks and files across teams and stay in sync on projects. Its online and mobile apps allows users to communicate, collaborate and share documents from multiple integrated services, including Evernote, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. With more than 1,000 paying clients around the world, Azendoo is used by organisations of all sizes in every sector.

A Startup Seeking a Streamlined Solution

Azendoo launched its team collaboration app in 2012, and by 2015, it had built up a worldwide community of 300,000 users and clients. However, as it grew, it realised that it needed to get more organised about its marketing. According to Fred Castagnac, the startup’s chief marketing officer:

“Back then, we were doing a lot of the right things, but we weren’t doing them in joined up way. For example, we had built a blog and some landing pages ourselves, and we were using point solutions like MailChimp for emails and Pipedrive as our CRM. Nothing was integrated, and we were losing out on opportunities to nurture our leads.”

Fred needed to ensure that leads were nurtured automatically, at the right time and with the right content. She also wanted to improve alignment between the marketing and sales departments, so that potential customers were driven all the way down the funnel. She was researching marketing automation solutions when a colleague recommended the HubSpot software.

“I investigated it further, and I was impressed by how it addressed our needs. I requested a demo, and after that, I knew that it was something that could be a game changer for our business.”

Fred realised that the HubSpot growth stack –  a combination of the HubSpot Marketing, CRM and Sales software – would produce the best results for Azendoo. It would create alignment between marketing and sales, and allow the two teams to share contacts, customer data, dashboards and reports in the one place. They could then focus on generating leads and revenue and forget about managing a stack of scattered tools.

The company’s founders agreed. They signed on the dotted line in 2015, and Azendoo became a growth stack customer.

"The HubSpot growth stack had everything we needed to supercharge our sales and marketing."

Fred Castagnac

Chief Marketing Officer


Nurturing Leads Through the Entire Funnel

Fred used the HubSpot Marketing Platform to create new Landing Pages for its guides, ebooks, videos and infographics. She also added Calls to Action to boost visitor engagement on each page. The next step was to start the process of nurturing Azendoo’s leads.

“With more than 300,000 people signed up to Azendoo as free users, one of our main goals was convert them into customers. I set up Workflows, so that they would automatically be sent personalised Emails based on their interactions with us.”

Now it is a lot easier to recognise when a lead is marketing qualified and ready to passed along to the sales team. The Azendoo salespeople then use the HubSpot CRM to see all the information that has been gathered on a prospect, such as their needs, objectives and pain points. Then, with the HubSpot Sales  they can save time at every stage of the funnel.

This, explains Fred, helps ensure that potential customers don’t slip through the cracks.

“Using the three HubSpot products has streamlined our entire marketing and sales process. Everyone’s roles are now clearly defined; we are collaborating more and both teams are closing more leads.”

"HubSpot Marketing, Sales and CRM are helping us become more organised and successful."

- Fred Castagnac

Building Success With the HubSpot Growth Stack

Halfway through Azendoo’s journey with HubSpot, it transformed its business model. Previously, it had a freemium offer, which allowed users to try a limited version of the app for one year. It changed that to a trial offer, giving potential customers one month to try the full version of the software.

“Before, we didn’t have a clear view on when or if users were going to pay, so following up with them was difficult. Now, the lifecycle is much shorter, and we can use the HubSpot Marketing Platform to target prospects at just the right moment,” says Fred.

It certainly appears to be working. Azendoo has achieved some impressive results in the past 12 months, including increasing leads by 20%. 

“One particular ebook on digital transformation got 200 leads within a month, and that translated into five demos. We’ve seen an uptick in lead quality as well. Thanks to the nurturing process, prospects are more aware of how our app can help them. When they do sign up, they are a lot more likely to buy.”

Fred says she would recommend the HubSpot growth stack to any other business that wants to increase leads and sales.

"The HubSpot growth stack has transformed our sales and marketing. We’re excited about the future."

- Fred Castagnac

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