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Before B2B Inbound was created, its CEO Greg Elwell knew he wanted to offer inbound marketing services, but didn't have an efficient platform to execute on this successfully. He needed a new system and identity to help him innovate his agency.

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About B2B Inbound

B2B Inbound is an agency specializing in content creation and digital marketing strategies for B2B companies.

About B2B Inbound

b2b inbound

Greg Elwell, CEO of B2B Inbound located in the San Francisco Bay Area, shares how becoming a HubSpot partner has enabled him to stay on track with latest marketing innovations and expand his capabilities to serve larger companies.

Challenge: Lack of Strong Identity to Target B2B Companies

Though Greg had looked into the opportunity to provide inbound marketing services to larger companies, he lacked the platform to perform this successfully. In his words, he needed a new “system” and “identity” to help him innovate fast enough and serve the market of bigger B2B companies.

Solution: Integrated Tools in an Easy-to-Use Platform

HubSpot helped Greg expand his business in two major ways—by providing him with integrated inbound marketing software and by making all featured tools easy to use.

“The HubSpot system is a tool that integrates so well together a number of different applications that make life a whole lot easier for an inbound marketer,” Greg said. “There isn’t anything that you need to be an effective inbound marketer and to generate leads that isn’t provided in the software package,” he added.

Aside from HubSpot’s integration of multiple tools, Greg highlighted the software’s overall ease-of-use. HubSpot’s simple CMS, for instance, has enabled Greg to focus on the “creative side” and the “message” he wants to convey. “It really puts the power of being able to create something in the hand of somebody who may not have a lot of technical ability,” Greg said.

Results: Becoming a Lead Generation Machine & Staying on Track with Marketing

Thanks to HubSpot’s dynamic environment, B2B Inbound can stay on track with latest innovations in the ever-evolving field of online marketing. “HubSpot is always adding to it [the software], improving it, enhancing it all the time,” Greg observed. As an example, he pointed out to HubSpot’s Email Marketing tool that was recently released to close the loop between generating leads and closing sales.

Though Greg has been with HubSpot for only a couple of months, he expects his site to quickly become a “lead generation machine.”

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