BBC Expands Its Business as a HubSpot Partner

B2B agency BBC has over three decades of experience in the Belgian marketplace. By 2015, it was looking for a better way to help its customers generate more online leads. It knew that marketing automation was the way to go and that the right platform could make all the difference. It chose to join the HubSpot Partner Program, as it offered the consultancy, training and support it would need to achieve success. Since then, the agency has been through a period of expansion and currently have seven clients using the HubSpot software.


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Founded in 1983 in Belgium, BBC is a full service agency that serves as a true extension of its clients’ marketing teams. It offers a range of both strategic and practical services to its B2B customers. This includes the formulation of integrated marketing strategies, lead generation and the creation of corporate branding, website and social media content, brochures and emails.

The Partner Program as a Springboard for Growth

Founded in 1983 under the name of Industrial Marketing Systems, BBC quickly gained ground in the B2B marketing field. By 2015, the agency had established a great roster of clients, but it also wanted to explore new ways to grow.

“We saw an emerging opportunity for online lead generation, both for ourselves and our customers, and we knew that the right automation software was going to be an important part. We compared several tools, and the HubSpot software came out on top. It was an all-in-one solution that was intuitive to use, and it was also the most feature packed,” explains Anne-Roos Vandezande Content Marketing Coordinator at BBC.

BBC was intrigued by the HubSpot Partner Program, which would give it access to a host of tools and resources, as well as counsel on strategy and positioning. According to David Weyns, signing up was an easy decision.

“We saw the software’s undeniable potential, and the Partner Program would allow us to offer it to our clients – in fact, some had already asked us about using HubSpot. We also liked how the company was invested in the success and growth of its partner agencies.”

"Joining the HubSpot Partner Program was the best way to bring our agency and our clients to the next level."

Dieter Jaspers

Head of Digital Experience


A Genuine Partnership

BBC takes advantage of all the training and guidance that the HubSpot Partner Program offers; a good chunk of the agency are fan of the HubSpot Academy, and have completed a number of HubSpot certifications.

David: “The thread that runs through the courses is that you need to create value with clever, targeted content. Getting your customers to find you is the first step. The goal then is to work with your sales department to seamlessly guide them through the different stages of the funnel.”

BBC’s dedicated channel account manager and consultant have become an integral part of the agency’s success.

“Whenever we propose the HubSpot software to a new client, our channel account manager is always on hand to give advice to help us close the deal. And our channel consultant is incredibly supportive too. She advises us on strategy and implementation, and is very hands-on. Whenever I have a question, she’ll get back to me right away with a detailed answer or point me to a HubSpot resource that addresses my issue,” says Anne-Roos.

BBC uses the HubSpot software on its own website, and it started off its journey by defining its personas, which are marketing managers at B2B and B2C companies, and more recently, HR managers.

The agency has created content to appeal to each persona, and it encourages them to interact through Calls-to-Action and Forms. Once leads are captured, they are nurtured with Workflows, and BBC can view their user journey in the CRM.

“We are getting more leads from our content now. We’ve become a resource for marketers; they come to our site to refresh their knowledge but also to read about emerging ideas. Our customer segmentation is working well. Visitors notice that our site is tailored to their needs, which makes them more likely to return,” says David.

David adds, “We’re passionate about building an agency that clients are excited to partner with. Ultimately, results are what clients remember us for, but HubSpot is helping us strengthen that connection with new and existing clients.”

"Our HubSpot channel account manager and consultant are like an extension of our team. They’re insightful, professional and care about our business."

Anne-Roos Vandezande

Content Marketing Coordinator


Big Plans in the Pipeline

Since joining the HubSpot Partner Program, BBC has boosted traffic to its website by more than 30%, while practically all of its leads are now obtained through inbound.

“We have seven clients on the HubSpot software, and are now a Gold Tier Partner. Since 2015, we’ve increased our sales year-on-year, and HubSpot has contributed to that. We hope to continue building on that success,” says Anne-Roos.

BBC has a number of big-name clients on its books, including coffee giant Douwe Egberts, Samsung Electronics and Tempo-Team, and it is using inbound to help them to achieve their goals.

David says, “When our clients see the results, they are more willing to sign up to do more with us. It’s like a giant leap in their way of thinking. They see that they are getting a return on their investment, often for the first time, and that’s very attractive to them.”

The agency has launched a new website for itself on the HubSpot COS, and it plans to use even more features of the HubSpot software in the future. According to David, attending INBOUND 2017 made him even more certain of the value of HubSpot Partner Program.

“I heard a lot about how the biggest opportunity for marketing now lies in the customer experience, in optimising their entire journey. That fits in with our own ethos, and the HubSpot software gives us the means to do it.”

"I would recommend the Partner Program to any other agency. In addition to the software, you get the training, consultancy and the thought leadership to help you succeed. It really is the complete package."

Jordan Audenaert

Managing partner


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