Because Generates £1M in Billings from Inbound Marketing

Because Experiential Marketing wanted to turn its website into a lead generation machine. However, it was using a collection of point solutions that didn’t work well together; its search rankings were low and it wasn’t generating many online leads. In the search for an all-in-one platform it found HubSpot. Since signing up, it has increased its website traffic by 75%, and it is generating 140 leads every month.


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BEcause Experiential Marketing Team


Because is a creative experiences agency, with studios around the world. They help brands realise their marketing ambitions through meaningful, memorable and magical live, digital and virtual experiences. Their strategic approach to brand storytelling is imaginative, immersive and emotive. They work cross-channel and have creative studios in London, Dublin, Sydney, Auckland, Dubai, New York and Singapore.

From Too Many Tools to Integrated Inbound

Because has years of experience creating unforgettable live brand experiences for its clients. However, by 2015, it had realised that its own website needed more work. Its low search engine ranking made it difficult to find, and it wasn’t generating many online leads.

“We were using too many different tools. Our CMS was a bespoke system that was outdated and inefficient, we had dotmailer for email marketing and Hootsuite for social media. They didn’t integrate well and it was impossible to report on our performance over time,” explains Vanessa Green, Head of Digital Content at Because.

The time was right for change. The agency was in the process of redesigning its website – it wanted to work with a more powerful CMS and also consolidate its inbound activities. An all-in-one platform was the clear way forward.

“Another agency recommended the HubSpot software, and it had all the features we were looking for. We wouldn’t have to juggle multiple point solutions, and we would be able to access all the insights and analysis we needed. The support that HubSpot gives its customers was also a big selling point – it was superior to anything else out there.”

"We know how important it is to speak directly to our audience, and HubSpot offered us a way to do that."

Vanessa Green

Head of Digital Content


Nurturing Leads Through the Entire Funnel

Because decided to use the HubSpot growth stack – a combination of the Marketing, CRM and Sales software – in order to nurture potential customers through the full funnel. First, it migrated its website to the HubSpot COS and then began concentrating on developing its content. It put ebooks and guides on landing pages and created a blog that now contains over 1,000 posts. It also added Smart Calls-to-Action (CTAs) and Smart Forms so that it could better nurture its newly acquired leads.

“Now we can add new content quickly and easily. Before HubSpot, we had to give content to an external partner to upload; it often needed changes, so the process was long and inefficient. Our website used to be a basic brochure site, but now it's a lead generation tool,” explains Vanessa.

She is a big fan of the HubSpot software’s Smart Content capabilities, which allow the agency to optimise its offerings for customers around the world.

“We have offices in UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, and now we can improve and personalise the visitor’s experience. For example, we send our leads different ebooks with a boilerplate that is local to their market – it has really helped us to tailor our communications.”

Because uses the CRM to collect all the information that it has on its prospects, which has improved the alignment between its marketing and sales departments.

“We have a complete view on our leads – where they come from, what content they engage with and what emails they open. Once they become marketing qualified, our salespeople can access instant insights into their behaviour, which makes for much more informed pitches. Then, with the HubSpot Sales Pro software, they are notified whenever one of their leads opens an email, clicks a link or downloads an attachment, so they can follow up at the right time.”

"Before we signed up with HubSpot, the multiple point solutions we were using made things overly complex and confusing. Now we’re all singing from the same hymn sheet."

- Vanessa Green

Getting Results With the Growth Stack

Because is using the HubSpot software to the full, and its efforts have not gone unnoticed – it won the Best Content Marketing and Best Event accolades at the UK Agency Awards 2016.  Its weekly experiential marketing newsletter has 10,000 subscribers, and it has also grown its traffic and leads.

“Since September 2015, our website traffic has increased by 75%. We generate an average of 140 leads a month, which is a 2.2% conversion rate. Of our leads, 43% convert to MQLs, which is amazing,” says Vanessa.

The agency has also seen improvements to its bottom line and boosted its revenue. In 2016, it gained five major new clients through inbound – Citroen, Clipper, Continental Tyres, Qatar and WWF – which were worth £1 million in billings.

“We want to continue to stand out from our competitors and grow our areas of expertise – in fact, we’ve already started incorporating digital elements into our live events. We’re not siloed into being just an experiential agency anymore, and that’s thanks to our partnership with HubSpot.”

"With the HubSpot growth stack, we can see what works and what doesn’t. We know where to focus our energy, whereas before we didn’t have a cohesive strategy."

- Vanessa Green

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