Big Presence uses HubSpot Software to Increase Leads for Clients by 10X

Big Presence, a premier digital marketing agency, was using a variety of marketing platforms to manage both client and agency marketing campaigns. Using systems that weren’t integrated made it difficult to analyze campaign performance and present ROI metrics to its customers. The agency partnered with HubSpot in 2014 to gain critical insights into the effectiveness of its marketing efforts, automate time-consuming marketing tasks, and deliver greater value to its customers.


increase in revenue


increase in organic traffic


increase in leads

About Big Presence

Big Presence is a digital creative and inbound marketing agency helping growth-stage companies and startups build their online presence. The Big Presence team consists of developers and marketers with tons of client-side and agency-side experience that gives clients the distinct advantage of working with people who understand both sides of the project.

Lost in Translation

Big business results require big ideas. For tech companies large and small, those ideas require Big Presence. The Orange County, CA web development and marketing firm has built an impressive roster of satisfied clients based on the simple premise of delivering ROI early and often.

But attracting clients with those big ideas hasn’t always been easy. Big Presence used to work largely on a per-project basis, trying nearly every marketing and business productivity tool on the market to attract new business and manage client campaigns. 

Revenues were uncertain and difficult to project. Strategic marketing solutions were tough to implement for clients, who often needed more ongoing support than the agency could offer. On top of these challenges, providing transparent and meaningful reporting proved to be an insurmountable problem.

“We tried pretty much every solution out there and a lot of the time it felt like we were flying blind,” says Big Presence CEO, Charles Drengberg. “We have a lot of digital marketing experience, but the tools we were using couldn’t translate it into the results we expected for us or our clients.”

"HubSpot gives us the ability to quickly measure the success of all campaigns—clients’ and our own—and instantly adapt to what audiences are consuming to improve performance on the fly."

Charles Drengberg


Big Presence

From Many Systems to One

In response, Charles adopted HubSpot software to streamline Big Presence’s marketing activities and deliver on the agency’s promise to its clients. The integrated marketing software combines the capabilities of all the other tools Big Presence had been using in an intuitive, efficient unified platform. 

Now, powerful apps like HubSpot Email, Marketing Automation, and Analytics take the place of a slew of disparate systems that provide a fraction of the utility and insights. Together, the HubSpot apps simplify creating and delivering compelling content across the entire marketing funnel and provide real-time, actionable data on agency and client campaign performance.

“It’s a lot easier to create marketing campaigns when you can actually see what’s going on,” Charles says. “HubSpot gives us the ability to quickly measure the success of all campaigns—clients’ and our own—and instantly adapt to what audiences are consuming to improve performance on the fly.”

HubSpot software also takes the sting out of aggregate reporting. In the past, quarterly reporting was a time-consuming, manual process that required the team to piece together reports from a number of sources such as Google Analytics.

"We used to do quarterly reporting like everyone else - put on a pot of coffee every morning and hope to produce a meaningful report before the quarter ended," Charles says. "HubSpot lets us slice and dice data however we want automatically and provides context and meaning to each client's preferred KPIs. It's a night and day difference."

Big Results Now and in the Future

In just a year, Big Presence has seen its business shift from predominantly project-oriented work with unpredictable revenues to a solid foundation of retainer clients and reliable monthly revenues as a HubSpot Gold-Tier partner. Charles attributes a large chunk of that success to Big Presence’s partnership with HubSpot.

“HubSpot’s staff and the resources we have at our disposal--training, sales tools, and support—are something that cannot be quantified without sounding like complete hyperbole,” Charles says. “It’s completely transformed our ability to demonstrate the value of having one agency provide all the services required to build solutions and market them effectively all under one roof.”

The agency has since moved into larger office space, grown its team to support the increased workload, and has become an indispensable part of its clients’ operations. HubSpot lets the Big Presence team create more effective, targeted digital campaigns, and support every touch point in the inbound marketing process.

“HubSpot has revolutionized the way we approach and manage marketing campaigns,” he says. “After just a year, we’ve grown our revenues by 500% while increasing our clients’ organic traffic on average by 217% and overall leads by a factor of ten.” 


Beyond the impressive statistics, Charles says that joining the HubSpot community signifies a larger evolution at Big Presence. “Choosing a strategic software partner like HubSpot means our company is making a long-term commitment to proven marketing methodologies and principles,” he says. “Our goal is to help companies grow affordably and sustainably over the long haul. HubSpot shares that mission and vision, making this the perfect relationship for us now and for the foreseeable future.”

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