IP Communications Leader Drives 39X More Leads With HubSpot Marketing Automation

Birch Communications, a national leader in IP-based communications technologies, was using a variety of marketing platforms to manage its marketing campaigns prior to HubSpot. Using systems that weren’t integrated made it difficult to analyze campaign performance and easily measure ROI. The company replaced its legacy systems with HubSpot to gain critical insights into the effectiveness of its marketing efforts, improve overall performance, and measure marketing ROI.


increase in leads


increase of web conversions


open rate of year-end promotions

About Birch Communications

Birch Communications is a leading technology service provider of IP-based communications, broadband, cloud and IT services to small, mid-sized, enterprise, and wholesale businesses. Founded in 1996, Birch has 1,400 employees who serve customers in all 50 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Acquisitions Result in Need for Singular Marketing Solution

More than 200,000 businesses depend on Birch Communications for their communications needs. The company has been a leader in telecommunications and cloud technologies for almost twenty years, owing its success to the suite of innovative and cost-effective solutions that support the diverse needs of organizations of all kinds across the country.

Birch’s growth has been driven by a combination of organic growth and strategic acquisitions, greatly expanding its footprint in the years since its founding. However, bringing on new business units also meant inheriting their various marketing systems. In time, this resulted in an unworkable collage of marketing automation, content management, and CRM software for the company’s marketing team.

“Over time we ended up with more channels, more systems, and more complexity across the marketing department,” says Melanie Kreh, Birch’s VP of Marketing. “We needed a single solution capable of overcoming the poor quality data, manual operations, and limited ways to measure the return on our campaigns which we’ve dealt with for years.”

"We set our sights on a solution with more in-depth reporting, clearer insights about our lead sources, and better transparency into our sales and marketing operations."

Melanie Kreh

VP of Marketing

Birch Communications

A Deeper Dive with HubSpot

Birch needed a platform that could accommodate both the current and future demands of its business.  The team evaluated several of the leading marketing automation systems and vetted each thoroughly, with special emphasis on solutions with robust reporting capabilities, easy scalability, an intuitive user experience, and premium-level support.  

Already well-versed in HubSpot technologies as a long-time HubSpot CMS customer, Birch decided to replace its existing marketing platform, a popular engagement marketing platform. They fully adopted HubSpot's inbound marketing platform because of its wide ranging features and functionality, data-driven and automated approach to campaign management, and the responsiveness of the HubSpot Support team.

“We set our sights on a solution with more in-depth reporting, clearer insights about our lead sources, and better transparency into our sales and marketing operations,” Melanie says. “HubSpot met each of those goals and had the added benefit of unifying our marketing automation and website operations onto a single platform for maximum efficiency.”

"With HubSpot we have a complete end-to-end marketing solution with all the power, flexibility, and transparency we need to be successful."

Tim Phelps

Director of Marketing Communications

Birch Communications

Rapid Content Creation, Instant Analysis

With HubSpot, anyone on the Birch marketing team can jump in and use the HubSpot Social, Landing Pages, Blogging and CTA apps to create promotional content for Birch’s e-books and videos to attract new visitors to the site. The all-in-one nature of HubSpot makes it easy for their marketers to get work done and effeciently launch campaigns without the need of a dedicated operations or IT resource.

HubSpot’s built-in SEO logic helps Birch marketers create optimized and properly formatted content that’s easily found by search engines. SEO improvements are highlighted live right in the content they’re producing, enabling them to address their high-priority keywords while accelerating the production cycle.

As visitors download Birch’s marketing materials, custom workflows and nurturing campaigns created using HubSpot's Email app keep prospective customers engaged until they’re ready to connect with a sales representative. Because HubSpot is a comprehensive, integrated solution, even sales reps have full visibility into what content and information a prospect has viewed, helping to a build a personalized sales experience.   

HubSpot makes it easy for Birch to rapidly recreate its most successful campaigns and maximize its marketing effectiveness. Unlike its previous system, HubSpot allows Birch to closely analyze campaign performance in real-time and copy the elements or assets of high-performing campaigns in just a few clicks to use with other products or business units. 


“We use virtually every tool available on the HubSpot platform because each app improves how we work in a different way,” says Tim Phelps, Birch’s Director of Marketing Communications. “Now we have a complete end-to-end marketing solution with all the power, flexibility, and transparency we need to be successful.”

End-to-End Visibility for Optimal Returns

With HubSpot, the Birch team has enjoyed unparalleled efficiency and transparency in their work. Now, marketers can track campaign successes from start to finish to understand how many opportunities are created, how many are lost, and how much revenue is generated each step of the way. 

Even HubSpot support actively contributes to Birch’s success, resolving Birch’s trouble tickets in 15 minutes instead of the three weeks required in the past. The greater reporting insights and responsive technical support have helped Birch make smarter decisions quicker that result in better open rates for campaigns, increased leads, and higher conversions.

Melanie recalls, “with HubSpot, were able to design an end-of-year campaign that had open rates more than double our previous tries.”  Additionally, “We’ve increased our website conversions by more than 21X year over year, which led to a 39X jump in leads from that source.”

Both Melanie and Tim expect HubSpot to figure prominently into the company’s future marketing strategies, given the undeniable successes of its marketing campaigns and strong bond with the HubSpot account team.

“HubSpot will be integral to our future success, as we’re planning to run more campaigns across all our channels,” Tim says. “Not only will it continue to be our go-to resource for lead and demand generation, but it’ll also help cultivate a community of evangelists to promote our brand to wider audiences faster than ever.”

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