Bitext Boosts Leads by 10X With HubSpot

Bitext develops the most accurate multilingual text analysis engines in the marketplace, and it has grown rapidly since its foundation in Spain in 2007. By 2016, it had already secured its first round of seed funding and opened an office in San Francisco. However, it needed to get more strategic about its marketing so that it could keep pace with its own success. Bitext hired a digital marketing specialist, and her first order of business was to sign up with HubSpot. Since then, the company has increased its website traffic by 7X and its leads by 10X.


Increase in website traffic


Increase in leads

Bitext Team


Founded in 2007 in Spain, Bitext’s goal is to enhance the understanding between humans and machines. Its Deep Linguistics Analysis Platform supports 50 languages and its linguistic features help to enhance the performance of Machine Learning applications. Available as either a cloud-based platform or an on-premises installation, Bitext's solution allows multi-language content to be converted into actionable information in an economical way. The company counts some of the world’s most innovative companies as satisfied customers. Right now the company is focused on developing a NLP middleware to enhance the performance of bots making them understand better and answer accurately customers’ requests.

A New Hire With Inbound in Mind

Despite its rapid growth, by 2016, Bitext still didn’t have a full-time marketer on staff. It was using an external consultant for ad-hoc work, but it realised that it should be doing more to capture and nurture its leads online. It hired Tita Risueño as its digital marketing strategist, and she formulated a plan to do just that.

“I wanted to harness the power of inbound marketing, and as a one-person department, I knew that the right automation software would be essential. I had used the HubSpot Marketing Platform in my previous role in a large company, so I already knew that it was easy to use but also powerful. When I was given the task of selecting a software solution, I knew that it was the one for me.”

Tita’s goal was to start personalising each lead’s experience, from their first touch with Bitext right through to marketing qualification.

“The HubSpot software had everything I needed under the one roof, along with the analytics I needed to measure the ROI of my work. Within two weeks of starting with Bitext, in 2016, we had signed on the dotted line.”

"I knew that with the HubSpot software, I would be able to maximise my time and get the results I needed."

Tita Risueño

Digital Marketing Strategist


A Streamlined Solution That Does It All

First of all, Tita used the HubSpot software to define Bitext’s buyer personas.

“That was the priority. We didn’t have a good sense of our audience at that time, which was creating a lot of unintended problems. For example, our salespeople were making lots of calls, but they weren’t stopping to ask if they were genuine leads who were interested in buying our product.”

Before Tita started with the company, it was using WordPress for its CMS. Making updates and changes could be an involved, cumbersome process – that’s all changed.

“The HubSpot software is so much more user friendly. I love how easy it is to create a Landing Page from scratch or to add a post through the Blog App. I’m a big fan of its built-in features, like the keyword suggestions and on-page SEO advice; they help me to get every piece of content working harder.”

Today, the Bitext website is a model of all that can be achieved when inbound is done right. It has built a wonderful resources library, complete with webinar recordings, case studies, articles and user guides. Visitors are encouraged to connect through Calls-to-Action and Forms, and then entered into Workflows and nurtured with targeted email campaigns.

“We also use the HubSpot CRM, which allows us to see every interaction that a lead has had with us. That means that our salespeople now have a better sense of who their prospects are – they know all about their needs and pain points. “

Tita says that her HubSpot customer success manager has been particularly helpful, with everything from technical questions to high-level strategy.

“What I miss about working in a big marketing department is brainstorming with colleagues, but I can do that with my customer success manager. She helps me put things into perspective, and she is always available whenever I need her.”

"Having the HubSpot software is like having another person on the marketing team."

- Tita Risueño

Results That Keep On Climbing

Since signing up with HubSpot, Bitext has seen its results skyrocket.

“Before we started using the HubSpot software, we were getting about 300 website visitors per week. That’s grown to over 2,000 – a 7X increase. We’ve cut way back on PPC advertising, and we’re focussing on increasing organic traffic. It’s working; we rank in the top three Google results for five keywords that are really relevant to us,” says Tita.

The company’s leads have been boosted by a whopping 10X, from just 25 per month to 250.

“Our revenue has also increased – and that’s something that we want to improve upon even more in 2018. We’re going to refine our Workflows and start lead scoring, so that we can get our sales team prospects that are primed to make a purchase.”

Tita believes that the HubSpot software is a must for any business that wants to get serious about its inbound marketing.

“If you are a smaller company or a startup, it will enable you to do more with less. Even if you don’t have a large marketing budget or department, you will still be able to create campaigns that look great and get results.”

"I would rate our satisfaction with HubSpot as eleven out of ten! From the platform itself to the support on offer, it’s the perfect partnership for us."

- Tita Risueño

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