BrandManager Shines Bright as First HubSpot Diamond Partner in Australia

BrandManager began life as a traditional, end-to-end digital agency, but by 2012, CEO Tony Eades had realised that something was missing. He wanted to start running integrated, trackable campaigns and prove to his customers that they were getting a good ROI. A colleague introduced him to the HubSpot software, and it seemed like the ideal solution. First, BrandManager signed up for itself in December 2013, but it was so impressed by the results it achieved that it joined the HubSpot Partner Program in 2014 so that it could offer the platform to its clients. Since then, it has achieved great results; employee headcount is up by over 3X, and it has 37 clients on the HubSpot software.


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Diamond Partner in Australia

About BrandManager

Founded in 2009 in Australia, BrandManager helps brands to create their niche and own their space in the marketplace. This inbound marketing and brand agency encourages companies to think of it as their outsourced marketing department, and it is driven by a team of 15 passionate, creative collaborators, strategists and digital natives. As a HubSpot Diamond Partner, BrandManager uses the HubSpot software to get its client a measurable return on their investment and it has offers in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Embracing the Future of Marketing

With offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, BrandManager has grown rapidly since its foundation in 2009. CEO and Director of Brand Strategy, Tony Eades, says that one of the big drivers of that success has been its adoption of the inbound methodology.

“I was introduced to inbound marketing in 2013 by a colleague who has an inbound agency of her own and is a HubSpot Partner. She told us that this was the future of marketing, and after doing some investigating, I was inclined to believe her.”

BrandManager researched several different marketing automation platforms and did in-depth evaluations of both Marketo and the HubSpot software.

“We just fell in love with the simplicity of HubSpot software. That user friendliness, which allows anyone to just jump on and start building assets, was like nothing we had seen before."

BrandManager first became a HubSpot customer itself, and it loved how it helped to get all of its marketing activities working together.

“We were able to measure the effectiveness of our marketing for the first time. We had concrete data to work with, and we could see what kind of return we were getting from every action. I knew that this was something that our clients needed just as much as we did!”

The agency decided to go all-in and become an inbound agency, and it joined the HubSpot Partner Program in late 2013.

"The HubSpot software allows us to measure the value of our every action; it adds a bit more science into everything we do."

Tony Eades

CEO and Director of Strategy


Helping Clients to Set Up Full-Funnel Inbound

Tony credits the HubSpot team with helping BrandManager to launch into a market that was at the time largely unaware of the inbound methodology.

“Our HubSpot channel consultant helped us to define and pursue a strategy for success, and our channel account manager helped us to position and sell our new services. The HubSpot Academy was an awesome resource as well. We still use it whenever we have a question or if we want to deepen our knowledge on a certain subject.”

Today, BrandManager’s website is a model of inbound in action. It has an active blog and attractive content offers including ebooks, guides and case studies. Visitors are encouraged to connect with the agency through Calls-to-Action and Forms and then entered into Workflows and nurtured through the funnel with automated emails.

“I think the fact that we were a HubSpot customer first really helped us to understand how to do inbound in the right way. Now, as a HubSpot Partner, we are passing that along to our clients.”

The agency wants its clients to be just as enthusiastic about the methodology as it is, so it helps them to take ownership of the HubSpot software. According to Andrew Levy, BrandManager’s Director of Inbound Operations, the trick is to throw the gates open wide.

“We introduce them to the Academy, we give them training on how to use the platform – we want them to build the HubSpot DNA into the fabric of their organisation. We’re also very open about showing them how to use Marketing Analytics and Reports, so they can see the ROI that our work produces. With the HubSpot software, you can’t hide behind your figures, and our customers appreciate that transparency.”

BrandManager is constantly evolving and innovating it's service offering. Their in-house development team has recently introduced messenger chat bots and interactive offers to the product mix. 

BrandManager has also started offering sales enablement services, and it has just gotten its first customer on the full growth stack –  the combination of the HubSpot MarketingCRM and Sales software.

“It gives us more control over the outcomes of our work. For example, we can get our clients sales-qualified leads, but if they don’t follow up in the right way, those leads won’t convert. With the growth stack, we can take control of the whole process and deliver the sales that our customers want,” explains Tony.

"With the HubSpot growth stack, we can take control of the whole process and deliver the sales that our customers want."

Tony Eades

CEO and Director of Brand Strategy

Tapping into New Markets as a HubSpot Partner

Since partnering with HubSpot, BrandManager has blazed a trail in the Australian marketplace. Its website traffic has increased by +1000% and leads have been boosted over 500%. It has recently attained Diamond Tier Partner status, becoming the first agency in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) to do so. 

“We now have 37 clients on the HubSpot software. Most of them – 70% – are on retainer, which is great for predictability of revenue. However, we do give them a great deal of flexibility in how they want to use our services – they can basically buy a bucket of our time, which can be used for anything and everything they need during a particular month,” says Tony.

It has also increased its team by over 3X, expanding from four staff members to 15.

“Earlier this year, we’ve hired our first account managers which has allowed us to take on more clients. Myself and Andrew can concentrate on high-level strategy, while they look after campaign execution.”

BrandManager’s customers are enjoying similar levels of success. For example, one of its clients, Crimson, saw a 12X boost to leads within six months. The agency has also just won a HubSpot Impact Award for Website Design for its work with steel shed manufacturer WBS.

“Within two months, WBS had doubled its lead numbers but also its lead quality. In fact, we find that’s the thing that our clients notice the most – the fact that they are getting prospects that have a much higher chance of converting.”  

BrandManager has some ambitious plans for 2018 – it is going to establish a presence in both South East Asia and in the US, says Andrew.

“The reality is that our success has been built living in the slipstream of HubSpot. We’re going to continue to do that, but just on an international scale! It’s a partnership that is intrinsic to our success as an agency, and we’re looking forward to seeing what it comes up with next.”

"As a HubSpot Partner, we feel that we are playing a part in the growth of the inbound movement. It has been a fantastic decision for us."

Tony Eades

CEO and Director of Strategy

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