Bridge Group Doubles Online Leads With HubSpot Inbound Marketing Software

The Bridge Group needed an entirely new online marketing strategy. They knew customers were out there but found that cold-calls, a small and outdated website, and word-of-mouth marketing were not enough.


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The Bridge Group Team

About The Bridge Group

The Bridge Group is an inside sales consulting firm based in the Boston area.

About the Bridge Group

The Bridge Group is an inside sales consulting firm based in the Boston area. It specializes in building, evolving and validating inside sales strategies for technology clients. It was founded in 1998.


Up until 2007, The Bridge Group operated via word-of-mouth marketing, cold calling and a simple web site with only a dozen pages that functioned as a brochure. In 2007, the company realized that in order to increase its pace of growth, it needed to do more. It needed to develop a more robust online marketing strategy -- one that provided a more efficient source of leads and enabled qualified customers to find their business.

"We knew they were on the web, we knew they were having conversations, we just had to build content and try to drive them to us," says The Bridge Group's Matt Bertuzzi.


In October 2007 The Bridge Group became a HubSpot customer. It adopted the HubSpot inbound marketing methodology, powered by the HubSpot inbound marketing software.

Instead of just hunting for customers via an outbound cold-calling strategy, they began to generate leads by creating content that attracted qualified customers to their site. The company focused on two types of content. It created a blog that established the company as a thought leader in the field of inside sales, and it conducted surveys on inside sales practices, which it published in the form of reports for the industry.

The Bridge Group used HubSpot blogging softwareto publish its content, HubSpot landing pages and lead tracking tools to manage their lead flow, HubSpot search engine optimization tools to improve the search engine ranking of their content, and HubSpot marketing analytics tools to determine their sources of traffic.

The Results

The Bridge Group's investment in inbound marketing paid off. Monthly traffic, Google referrals and leads are up significantly from one year ago:
  • Lead generation has more than doubled (from an average of 12/month to more than 24/month).
  • Website traffic increased over 500% (from under 500 visitors/month to over 2,500)
  • Google search referrals are up over 6x (from under 100 referrals/month to over 600) Matt Bertuzzi explains: "Whereas before we had our president's name and the company name as the traffic drivers, now we have 'inside sales expert', 'inside sales blog', 'inside sales tips' -- things relevant to the message we're trying to put out to the market."
  • They have accumulated more than 1600 inbound links from over 78 domains.

Beyond the increases in leads, traffic, Google referrals and inbound links, The Bridge Group found that the HubSpot package -- all of the inbound marketing tools bundled together in one dashboard -- offers enormous improvements in efficiency.

"The HubSpot package is extremely valuable because before we used HubSpot we were piecemeal putting together some of the things HubSpot delivers," Bertuzzi says.

Now everything is in one place. Instead of pulling a series of different reports into a custom-built spreadsheet, he just logs into HubSpot. This gives him a simple, efficient way of tracking and measuring his online marketing campaign.

"If I had to do that without HubSpot it would be painful."

Website traffic growth:


Growth of Google referrals:

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