UK Leisurewear Retailer Launches New eCommerce Platform and Grows Sales 50% Year on Year

BushWear is the UK's leading shooting sports equipment provider. The company, which offers an extensive hunting clothing and accessories selection, wanted to transform their online channel into a true eCommerce, revenue generating machine and embrace multi-channel. Alisdair Troup, MD of BushWear, discovered HubSpot and realised it could be just what his business needed. HubSpot's software, integrated with the Magento eCommerce platform, provided the perfect solution to transform their online channel into a powerful sales channel.


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About BushWear

BushWear is the UK's leading shooting sports equipment provider. The company was founded in 2004 and offers an extensive clothing and product selection via mail order, online and two stores in Scotland, Stirling and Perth.

Transitioning to an Online Retail Environment

BushWear, a leading retailer of hunting clothing and accessories, began life as a catalogue business in 2004. The success of the business over the past 11 years led to the opening of two separate retail outlets in Stirling and Perth, Scotland. To suit changing consumer purchasing patterns, BushWear also launched an online store. However, their online offering was cannibalising their catalogue business rather than delivering incremental revenue. Alisdair Troup, MD of BushWear, explains, “Our eCommerce facility was an ordering mechanism for the catalogue rather than a true driver of sales.”

Alisdair wanted to increase brand awareness and engagement, generate more sales and revenue through the online channel and embrace multi-channel in its true sense. Alisdair began researching methods and tools to help achieve these objectives. Soon he discovered HubSpot and inbound marketing.

As many of BushWear’s competitors take a more traditional approach to marketing, Alisdair knew he had an opportunity to create some blue ocean space between his company and it’s competition. He says of inbound marketing and HubSpot, “ultimately it will allow us to establish a position in the online space where very few of our competitors are and when they decide to move online it will take them a lot of time, effort and money to compete on a level playing field with us.” As BushWear operates a consultative selling approach, Alisdair felt inbound marketing was a good natural fit for his business. BushWear evaluated a number of competitive options and also explored a multi platform approach but ultimately chose HubSpot to support execution of their online strategy. Alisdair says, “We chose HubSpot for efficiency, to future proof our business and we also like the philosophy behind it.”

"Our eCommerce facility was an ordering mechanism for the catalogue rather than a true driver of sales."

Alisdair Troup

Managing Director


Turbo Charging Bushwear's eCommerce Capabilities

BushWear began implementing HubSpot’s software in 2013. Alisdair and his colleague utilised the free resources in the HubSpot Academy to educate themselves on inbound marketing methodology and help them maximise their use of the tool. This was especially useful since neither had a marketing background to start.

Previously, BushWear’s digital marketing efforts were confined to a small email marketing programme where they emailed their database once a month with offers. This had limited success so, in reality, they were starting from scratch. The first step was to create a blog using HubSpot’s Blogging app. This enabled them to share content on hunting tips and new product information and attract new visitors to their website in the process. They also began using HubSpot’s Workflows app to segment their email marketing activity based on previous customer behaviour. However, they were still limited in their activity because they simply didn’t have enough data on customer behaviour on their site.

In October 2014, BushWear decided to turbo charge their eCommerce channel with a redesigned website, built on the HubSpot COS and fully integrated with eCommerce platform Magento. HubSpot partner and eCommerce specialist, Groove, helped ensure this migration was delivered successfully.

This new capability transformed BushWear’s marketing strategy. Finally, they had the crucial data they needed to build campaigns and workflows based on true buyer behaviour. BushWear have begun to build segmented campaigns using HubSpot’s Email app and now also personalise emails using the smart content functionality. Some examples of successful campaigns they have recently launched included nurturing for abandoned shopping carts and transactional campaigns based on previous behaviours.

"We can now drive our sales data back into HubSpot via the Magento platform. This has closed a lot of loops for us and allowed us to use more of the tools within HubSpot."

- Alisdair Troup

Paving the Way for Future Success

Since implementing HubSpot’s software with the Magento integration, BushWear have truly transformed their online channel. Sales have grown over 50% year on year and continue to grow considerably. Significantly, 55% of all their leads are converting to customers since moving to the HubSpot COS. Their online channel is now contributing over 30% of BushWear’s total sales, a percentage share that continues to increase.

Alisdair is delighted with the results, so much so that he has recommended HubSpot to others. He has future proofed his business model and set BushWear up for even greater success. He explains, “Our target market aren’t early adopters, they tend to look online but not purchase, but behaviour is slowly changing and we are leading that change in our niche market.” 

BushWear is continuing to grow and now has the capability in place to explore expansion opportunities outside of their domestic market. Alisdair is confident that his company is ahead of the competition and is looking forward to a promising future.

"Our target market aren’t early adopters, they tend to look online but not purchase, but behaviour is slowly changing and we are leading that change in our niche market."

- Alisdair Troup

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