Bynder Hones Its Inbound Strategy Using HubSpot and Sees a 5X Increase in Revenue

Bynder helps companies manage their brands and their whole content lifecycle with its branding automation software. Founded in 2010, this young company was well aware of the power of inbound marketing. However, it was using a collection of disparate tools to manage the process; it needed to find a more cohesive solution. Since partnering with HubSpot in late 2014, Bynder has achieved amazing results, including a 15% increase in leads month on month. This success has helped transform the company from a startup into a "scale-up."


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About Bynder

Bynder is award-winning marketing software that allows brands to easily create, find and use content, such as documents, graphics and videos. Brands using Bynder go to market faster and achieve end-to-end brand consistency across all channels and regions, with simplified collaboration across the organization.

Finding the Right Marketing Software to Power a Growing SaaS Business

Lidia Lüttin, chief marketing officer for Bynder, says that the company started its journey with inbound marketing when it launched in 2010. “We used Kissmetrics to understand what people were doing on our website and MailChimp for email marketing, as well as Google Analytics, but the problem was all these tools were disconnected. Having recently introduced Salesforce to professionalise our sales tools, we now needed to do the same for our marketing solution.” 

Lidia was asked to look into marketing automation systems towards the end of 2014. “I started doing research and I discovered HubSpot and the inbound movement.”

“We compared lots of software, including Marketo and Pardot and looked at the features and usability closely. HubSpot’s suite of tools and ease of use was very important for me and this ultimately led to the decision to use the HubSpot Marketing Platform. With our own tool we have the philosophy, ‘it’s intuitive, you shouldn’t need a lot of training and it should look good’, and that’s what we found in the HubSpot software.”

"Partnering with HubSpot was a very good decision for us. Everyone here loves it, not only the software but the company itself."

Lidia Lüttin



Warmed-Up Leads for Successful SaaS Sales

One of Bynder’s most important goals was to generate leads that could be turned into customers, so when the company got started with the HubSpot software, the first thing they did was integrate it with Salesforce.

“The Salesforce integration allowed us to automate the whole lead management process. We set up a lot of Workflows – for example, we have one that automatically reads the IP address of a new lead and puts it into a Salesforce field, so the salesperson can see the country the user is coming from. We also set up Lead Scoring, so we know which potential sales to follow up first, because that was one of our main problems before partnering with HubSpot,” explains Lidia.

Lidia moved the company’s digital asset management blog onto the HubSpot Blog App to take advantage of its SEO features; she finds it easy to manage and can track how many visitors each blog post gets and make adjustments accordingly.

“In the past, we had to ask our developers to make even small changes to the website; now we can just do it ourselves. The Landing Pages are crucial for our marketing activity; we can see how many customers a specific whitepaper generated and that’s really valuable.” 

One of the things that Lidia enjoys most about the HubSpot Marketing Platform is its ease of use – Lidia had a good grasp of its features within one week of implementation. However, she also found the weekly calls with her HubSpot customer success manager helpful.

“During our ten week onboarding period, we had a weekly one-hour call. This wasn’t just product training, but inbound marketing consultancy too. Our customer success manager asked about our goals and showed examples from other HubSpot customers, so I could see how they had achieved success.”

"Since using HubSpot we have grown our revenue by 5x over the past year and tripled our number of customers."

Lidia Lüttin

A Hassle-Free Solution Leads to Huge Gains

The results that Bynder has seen since it partnered with HubSpot have been impressive. “We have a lot more visitors to the website and have seen a 15% month over month increase in leads. They are high quality leads too – with 85% of them being marketing qualified,” says Lidia. 

She believes that HubSpot software has been a part of the massive growth Bynder has achieved over the past year. “We have seen fantastic growth in terms of revenue and customers since using the HubSpot Marketing Platform. When we started we had 20 employees, now we have over 180. Last year, we were still a startup, but now we can call ourselves a scale-up!”

The HubSpot software, asserts Lidia, has changed the way Bynder employees work. “We spend way less time on administrative tasks like lead qualification now. We have a marketing team of 15, and they have been freed up to create more content and focus on inbound marketing.”

Bynder recently upgraded to the Enterprise version of the HubSpot Marketing Platform, and looking to the future, Lidia plans to make more use of features such as A/B testing within email campaigns. In the longer term, Bynder has ambitious goals for expansion.

“We want to be the one tool that both brand managers and traditional marketers can’t be without. To achieve that, we need to increase our brand awareness, especially in the US market, and of course we need more leads. I think the HubSpot software will help us with that as it has done in the past.”

"The HubSpot software makes things easy for both our marketing and sales teams. They can now focus on the activity and leads that will generate the best results for the business."

Lidia Lüttin

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