Century Interactive Improves Sales Efficiency with HubSpot CRM

As one of the fastest growing call tracking solutions companies in the US, Century Interactive needed a system in place that would support both their sales and marketing teams. Their sales team had quick outgrown their home-grown CRM system but adoption of their SaaS based commercial CRM was low due to limited reporting and manual entry requirements. Having seeing success using HubSpot's marketing platform within the first six months, it was a no-brainer for Century's sales team to begin using HubSpot's new CRM system to compliment their inbound marketing and sales strategy.

About Century Interactive

The quickest, easiest way for most businesses to get an immediate boost to their bottom line is to get better on the phone. Century Interactive's call tracking solutions help businesses understand what's generating their best calls, become top-notch at handing those calls and salvage missed opportunities. Century Interactive is in the midst of a growth streak, with 78 employees, a quickly expanding sales team of 17, and impressive 65% growth over the past two years.

Other CRMs Lacked Reporting and Required Manual Entry

Century Interactive is a growing, innovative company whose sales team had trouble finding software that could keep up with them. They had tried to use a basic home-grown CRM system and then a SAAS based commercial CRM, but adoption had been low and neither one met their reporting or task management needs. Patrick Elverum, Chief Operating Officer says, “We wanted a sales platform to help drive efficiency and accountability, but we didn’t find any of those benefits with the previous systems.”  

Their first challenge was reporting.  Even while using a CRM, the sales reps had to make spreadsheets to report activity to their managers and show where deals were coming from.  Patrick says,  “There was inconsistent use across the sales reps.  And it didn’t feel like the managers looked at it at all because they couldn’t get reporting they needed.”

To make matters worse, the sales reps felt that the systems were slowing them down. The sales team was getting a steady volume of qualified leads since the marketing team had adopted the HubSpot marketing platform six months earlier.  But they couldn’t respond fast enough.  They spent too much time on manual entry and often felt that they were going into a prospect call blind to their needs.  Lindsay Richardson, Sales Development Lead, says, “It was difficult, especially since we were growing, to keep up with things.  It was hard to call on prospects who made demo requests right away and it took a lot of time to track everything.”

"We wanted a more effective sales platform to empower the team and help the leaders get more out of them."

Patrick Elverum

Chief Operating Officer

Century Interactive

Century Interactive Chooses HubSpot CRM to Complement Its Inbound Marketing Strategy

Since purchasing HubSpot’s marketing platform six months earlier, Century Interactive had been looking to model their own organization after HubSpot’s inbound sales team. And their marketing team had seen great success with the marketing software, such as quadrupling their monthly website traffic in less than six months.  So the sales team decided to jump on the opportunity to try the HubSpot CRM as soon as they had a look at the software and considered the possibilities for a complimentary inbound marketing and sales strategy.  “Knowing how happy our marketing team has been with HubSpot was a big factor for us.  Why wouldn’t we want to be a part of that?” says Lindsay.


Sales Reps Become More Efficient

The first benefit Century Interactive saw after using HubSpot CRM was sales efficiency. This was delivered through ease-of-use and the lead intelligence that the software provides to sales reps. 

“HubSpot has done a great job in keeping it simple so you don’t spend any time searching for things,”  says Lindsey.  The ability to send an email or call someone without leaving their contact record is one feature she cites as particularly useful.  “Other CRM systems make you go back so it’s just an extra step that takes time.”

The sales reps especially like the contact timeline, which brings data from every touchpoint with a contact all into one view.  They say that the contact timeline is “crystal clear” and provides the easiest way to understand how and when a lead is interacting on your website, email or social media.”  Ultimately, this helps sales reps have more powerful and meaningful conversations instead of going into a conversation blind to a lead’s needs and interests.

The Century Interactive team has seen results in just 3 months through their lead to customer conversion rates.  Patrick says, “We are in a big growth phase right now. We’ve been attacking conversion rate on inbound leads now that we have a baseline to work with.”

"With the HubSpot CRM I’ve been very impressed that HubSpot hit the ground running on some features that other competitors had missed."

Lindsay Richardson

Sales Development Lead

Century Interactive

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