Claranet Improves Sales Efficiency and Increases Traffic 50% Using HubSpot

Claranet, a UK based Managed Services Provider with operations in 6 European countries, was struggling to generate traffic and qualified leads through their website. They recognised the value generation abilities of inbound marketing and had built some inbound activities into the core of their marketing strategy. However, they were using a plethora of marketing tools to deliver that strategy and the results were less than convincing. They turned to HubSpot in 2013 as a solution to help them solidify and measure their marketing efforts in a single, easy to use marketing automation platform.


Increase is website traffic
within first 18 months


Improvement in email open rates


Improvement in conversion rates

About Claranet

Claranet is Western Europe’s largest independent Managed Service Provider, with operations in the 6 countries including UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. Claranet offers businesses hosting, networks and communications services to over 4500 customers including Airbus, Channel 5, Amnesty International UK and the De Vere Group, amongst others.

The Challenge

The marketing team at Claranet were early adopters of inbound marketing as a methodology. They understood the value of thought leadership in giving visibility to their brand, building credibility and trust amongst their target audiences and ultimately generating leads. They recognised that inbound marketing would also help add efficiency to their long sales cycle.

However, they were using different marketing tools to implement their digital strategy including blogging, social media, email marketing and analytics tools. This resulted in a fragmented approach and a lack of clarity on the effectiveness of the various campaigns they were implementing. 

The team realised that there had to be a simpler way of delivering their digital marketing strategy which would allow them to measure effectiveness, improve efficiency, bridge the gap between sales and marketing and speed up their campaign time to market. When Digital Marketing Specialist Andrew Morris joined Claranet, he was tasked with implementing a marketing automation tool to help the business achieve its sales and marketing goals.

After evaluating a number of vendors including Marketo, Exact Target and Genius, the team ultimately decided upon HubSpot’s marketing platform. As a holistic all-in-one marketing automation system, HubSpot met all of Claranet’s requirements. Andrew says, “it looked good, it looked easy to use and it was something that wouldn’t require months of training.”

Claranet chose the Enterprise grade plan of HubSpot’s software package as it included features that were critical for the success of their inbound marketing strategy such as workflows, native integration, advanced reporting and A/B testing.

"HubSpot looked good, it looked easy to use and it was something that wouldn’t require months of training."

Andrew Morris

Digital Marketing Specialist


The Solution

The first goal was to generate and direct more organic traffic to their website. Andrew utilised the SEO tools in HubSpot’s software to identify broad match key words that would improve their ranking in Google. The SEO tools also helped him ensure that titles and meta descriptions were aligned with the key words which they were trying to rank for. 

Next step was to maximise the effectiveness of the content the team were already sharing on their website. They began using the landing pages feature to ensure that they captured valuable lead generation data from any prospect that wanted to download the content.


The HubSpot email feature has taken the guesswork out of campaigns for Andrew. They can now segment lists to send tailored messages to different audiences, based on their previous interactions with Claranet. HubSpot is now the “hub of all the marketing activities” for Claranet. The team refined their content strategy by leveraging A/B testing to “understand what worked with our prospects and refine our calls to action, layouts, messaging, accordingly”.

Utilising the landing pages and email functionality in tandem has allowed Claranet to launch highly effective and fully integrated digital campaigns faster than ever before. Andrew says “Previously it would have taken a week and involved IT help, but with HubSpot I can build an entire campaign myself and launch it within a day”. This has helped improve the team’s responsiveness and effectiveness.  

The team worked with their HubSpot consultant to ensure that everyone was on the same page and were comfortable using the tools. They also leveraged the consultant’s knowledge on best practices from companies in industries similar to their own.

Andrew credits the integration and advanced reporting features as being key to winning the hearts and minds of colleagues and managers internally. The team were able to demonstrate through hard metrics the impact of their activities. Consequently, HubSpot has become synonymous with marketing and measurability internally with requests to “HubSpot that” and enquiring “what does HubSpot intelligence tell us” on a regular basis.

"With HubSpot I can build an entire campaign myself and launch it within a day."

Andrew Morris

Digital Marketing Specialist


The Results

HubSpot has helped Claranet attract more website visitors, optimise their content strategy and improve the effectiveness of their sales and marketing campaigns.

Traffic to their website has increased by 50% since they started to use the HubSpot platform. Email campaign email open rates have increased from 8% to 12%, while landing page conversion rates have increased from 0.5% to 3.9%.

Andrew also cites improvements in lead to customer conversion. “The operational effectiveness of the sales team is far greater from an intelligence level”. The sales team now know when they engage with a prospect “what that lead has downloaded, what pages they have visited, how many times they visited the site and when they last visited it”. This adds context to their initial engagement and enables sales people to have an “engaging and intelligent conversation” with a potential customer. Andrew estimates that “70-80% of the sales team find their initial conversations are easier to carry out” as a result of the integration.


Andrew would advise other customers considering HubSpot to be confident in their choice “because your boss won’t fire you for choosing HubSpot!”

"The operational effectiveness of the sales team is far greater from an intelligence level."

Andrew Morris

Digital Marketing Specialist


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