Inbound Marketing Agency Uses HubSpot with BrightInfo to Increase Lead Generation & Conversion

ClearPivot is a Denver-based inbound marketing and certified HubSpot Gold Partner agency. After a couple of years executing inbound marketing for the agency, their marketing team wanted to take things to the next level by increasing lead generation and conversion rates dramatically. They were interested in exploring solutions to augment their existing blog and social media campaigns. Not wanting to spend heavily on new content creation, they needed a solution that utilized their existing content assets.


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About ClearPivot

ClearPivot builds and grows measurable marketing assets that generate nonstop returns to transform digitally-fluent Marketing Directors into heroes even if they believe that no one else can understand their company as well as they do.

Using Content to Increase Conversion Rates

ClearPivot wanted to see more leads coming from its site but did not fully understand the ways to leverage their existing content in order to do so. ClearPivot was actively engaged in blogging and social media posting however, it knew more could be done with its marketing. ClearPivot also had used PPC in the past for lead generation, but knew keyword competition among other marketing agencies was fierce. ClearPivot was looking for a lead generation solution that provided results using its own existing content resources and worked within a reasonable budget.

Companies who understand inbound methodology recognize the value of generating leads on their website. Once a company has built a content library and perfected its follow-up process, the next step is to use both to generate and nurture leads. BrightInfo’s algorithm learns the content of your site and presents specific content to each visitor based on relevancy, visitor & crowd behavior. ClearPivot, a Denver HubSpot Gold Partner, has used BrightInfo’s services and the HubSpot integration to generate leads and streamline its inbound marketing process at the same time.

"We knew we had a huge opportunity to take advantage of existing content to boost lead generation, making our partnership with BrightInfo a no brainer."

Chris Strom



BrightInfo Content Personalization with HubSpot Integration

In working with BrightInfo, ClearPivot decided to use three of BrightInfo’s solutions: on-site auto personalized widgets, blog signup widget and native advertising.

The on-site widget uses BrightInfo’s algorithm to serve content recommendation, tailored specifically to each site viewer based on their browsing history, interests and crowd behavior. The on-site widget learns ClearPivot content assets to recommend the most relevant content to each visitor. BrightInfo provides a set of different customized widgets which overlay the website content so it is non-intrusive to the site and its audience. ClearPivot chose to use the bottom bar widget that appears at the bottom of the page with five different content suggestions for visitors to scroll through. ClearPivot also chose to use the scroll widget that shows up on the side of the page when a visitor is scrolling down the page. This widget provides the visitor with one content option, for example:

Exit Widget for Blog Subscriptions

The second solution ClearPivot employs is an exit widget for blog subscriptions. The exit widget asks if the visitor would like to subscribe to the blog when he goes to navigate away from it. The blog subscription widget can also be used when visitors first open a blog article or as they are scrolling, but ClearPivot only employs the widget during exit because it is the least disruptive option. For example:


Native Advertising

The final BrightInfo solution ClearPivot uses is native advertising. This is pay-per-click advertising, where ClearPivot’s content is shared on professional publications. The majority of new leads from BrightInfo find ClearPivot through native advertising. ClearPivot currently promotes two content pieces through native advertising. The two pieces in use are titled, Six Marketing Metrics Your Boss Wants to Know e-book, and 10-Step Website Redesign Worksheet. They were chosen due to pre-existing popularity of both content pieces with ClearPivot’s site visitors.

"We partnered with BrightInfo to bring in more traffic and leads. Instead of investing in Google Ads, where we could only show up based on keywords and money spent, with Brightinfo we ensure our content is being seen by our target personas."

Seth Fendley

Project Manager


Full Funnel Growth

After using BrightInfo for one year, ClearPivot saw 253 new leads from BrightInfo native advertising alone. Those 253 leads meant that BrightInfo native advertising accounted for 31% of the leads to the ClearPivot site from May 2015-2016. In addition to these net new leads, they saw an increase in website conversions through BrightInfo’s widgets of audience that came from various sources. In fact it was a whooping 188 BrightInfo’s conversions! These top-of-the-funnel leads are now enrolled in ClearPivot’s workflows and are actively involved in continued lead nurturing to help move them through the inbound process.

Other inbound marketing companies with content libraries would be well served to implement BrightInfo on their sites too. BrightInfo markets its product as a “hands-off” engine that does all of the work for you. With the HubSpot integration this rings double true. By integrating BrightInfo into its HubSpot account, ClearPivot was able to see leads in real time. ClearPivot was also able to view the native advertising traffic analytics inside its HubSpot account, streamlining the lead generation and reporting processes. When ClearPivot implemented BrightInfo’s services, it began to see immediate results.


The BrightInfo-HubSpot integration supplied ClearPivot with additional information about the BrightInfo leads, within HubSpot. This allowed ClearPivot to nurture the leads according to the content they consumed, leading them down the funnel. ClearPivot was also able to import HubSpot smartlists to BrightInfo, and created dedicated content pool to each list, making sure the BrightInfo JARGON algorithm, shows each visitor the most relevant content from each content pool.

"Any company looking to engage its visitors with content tailored specifically to the visitors’ search needs should consider BrightInfo."

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