ClearRisk Increases Sales by 360% with HubSpot SEO and Lead Management Tools

ClearRisk was able to capture leads through Landing Pages, but had no actual lead intelligence to attach to these people. In order to create Landing Pages that would even pass information to their CRM, they had to pull developers away from important tasks. There had to be a more efficient way to capture, track, and nurture leads.


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ClearRisk, Inc. Team

About ClearRisk

ClearRisk Inc. is an online provider of risk management solutions with partners throughout Canada, the US and Europe (UK).

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"I like where HubSpot is going, it's blazing the trail of modern marketing and I'm excited to be blazing the trail right along side of them. It's an exciting time to be a marketer and it's an exciting time to be a HubSpot user.”

- Chris Gardner, VP Marketing ClearRisk


ClearRisk Inc. is an online provider of risk management solutions. ClearRisk has representatives and partners throughout Canada, the United States, and Europe (UK). ClearRisk’s solutions are built for insurance brokers, medium-sized organizations, and professional risk managers that are looking for an easy and affordable way to manage risk. ClearRisk Inc. is dedicated to providing solutions that help the mid-market to reduce insurance premiums, claims, downtime, and other risk related costs. Whether it is a medium-sized business, a not for profit or a public sector organization, their goal is to be the first place you think of when you’re looking for easy and accessible solutions, and the only place to look to for risk management help.


  • ClearRisk had limited understanding of where their leads were actually coming from. Leads came to their site, had the option of saying how they found them, but it was never required. Often times these potential customers were unknowingly providing inaccurate information, and ClearRisk had no way of telling what was right and wrong until it was too late.
  • To be able to create landing pages that were integrated with their CRM, ClearRisk had to rely on their very busy development team. More often than not, their schedules did not mix and they were forced to delay campaigns waiting for their landing pages to be completed.
  • ClearRisk was unable to track lead and prospect activity. They had no way of knowing what they looked at or what they were interested in when they came to their site. Because of this, ClearRisk was unable to nurture potential customers effectively.




  • Using HubSpot’s Blogging tool, ClearRisk was able to quickly provide even the most inexperienced blogger in their company with a step-by-step guide to writing most optimized blog post.
  • ClearRisk was able to use HubSpot’s Keyword Grader to evaluate which keywords were paying off for them, and which were not. With this knowledge they were able to focus their SEO efforts more effectively than ever before.
  • By using HubSpot’s Prospect Intelligence tool, ClearRisk could see which companies were coming to their website and not converting. From this they were able to send a more qualified list of prospects to their sales representatives. This allowed them to spend more time nurturing qualified leads, rather than just cold calling companies that may never heard of them.

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ClearRisk Success

"Before HubSpot,we manually tracked a lot of the metrics HubSpot tracks and we also manually filled in additional lead website activity into our CRM. The time we would save from not doing these repetitive tasks was almost enough to justify the entire ROI for using the HubSpot Software.”

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