CloudApps Boosts Revenue by 2X With HubSpot

CloudApps is a UK-based software company that helps companies using Salesforce to accelerate and improve their sales performance. By 2016, it was using a mixture of different tools to manage its online marketing, but it found that it was wasting time trying to get them to work well together. It needed a powerful, all-in-one solution, and it decided that the HubSpot software was the best fit. CloudApps has achieved outstanding results including a 2X increase in revenue and 35% increase in inbound leads.


Increase in revenue


Increase in inbound leads


Increase in website traffic

CloudApps Team


Founded in the UK in 2009, CloudApps helps customers create a clean and healthy sales pipeline. It is the maker of SuMo, a 100% native Salesforce application that runs exclusively on the Salesforce App Cloud. SuMo increases sales performance by monitoring and motivating high-value sales behaviours whilst eliminating careless behaviours that slow deals down. Over 250 businesses use CloudApps, including global blue-chip organisations such as UBM, Vodafone, Roche, SIG, G4S, LeasePlan and Qlik.

Moving on from Frustrating Point Solutions

After several years working in marketing and business development for Salesforce, Tim Knight co-founded CloudApps to help companies get more out of their Salesforce investment. It became a successful business, with several blue-chip companies as clients, but its online marketing was starting to lag behind the growth demands of the business.

“By 2016, we were using a variety of different tools. We had a solution for mass email marketing, we used Salesforce and its workflow capabilities to automate lead follow ups, we used Google AdWords and had several WordPress plugins to aid with search engine optimisation. It was a mishmash of separate solutions. The problem was that we were spending a lot of time, effort and energy overcoming the technical challenges, as opposed to focusing on generating demand,” explains Tim.

An all-in-one solution was the clear way forward. The HubSpot software was already on CloudApps’ radar – its marketing manager, Clara Grant, had attended a HubSpot event and been impressed by its capabilities – but she also investigated Marketo and Pardot.

“We liked how keen the HubSpot team was to work with us, and the discussion we had around the onboarding process made it plain that we would get a lot of support. The technology also looked very easy to use and had all the features we needed. For example, one of the main areas we wanted to focus on was lead nurturing, and the Workflows App seemed perfect for that.”

In the end, it was a straightforward decision, and CloudApps signed up with HubSpot in December 2016.

"There are a lot of tools out there, many of them free. As a result, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that cobbling them together is going to be more valuable than investing in the HubSpot software. It’s not."

Tim Knight

Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer


Hitting the Ground Running with Help from HubSpot

As predicted, CloudApps appreciated all the onboarding support that HubSpot offered.

“Our HubSpot implementation specialist gave us advice and projects to work through. It was a great exercise and it’s actually an approach that we’ve adopted with our own customers. The onboarding gave us the structure we needed to quickly get up and running with HubSpot. We thought it would take three months to set everything up, but with the support and guidance on offer, it took just three weeks,” says Tim.

CloudApps transferred its website onto the HubSpot COS, and set up a resource library for its content, which includes whitepapers, ebooks, videos and case studies.

“We also set up nurturing Workflows that are tailored to our two main personas, which are sales leaders and sales operations leaders in enterprise-level organisations. They are then automatically driven through the funnel with email campaigns that are relevant to them.

CloudApps’ new contacts and their interactions with the company are transferred directly into the HubSpot, so it gets deeper insights into its leads. HubSpot also integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, giving CloudApps an advantage when it comes to closing deals.

“It was so easy to do the initial sync, and we’ve created our own system that controls what data gets into Salesforce. The level of granularity you can achieve is amazing.”

The company is continuing to leverage HubSpot support, making particular use of the HubSpot Academy.

“It’s a great resource, and we can dip in and out whenever it suits us. We’re also big users of the HubSpot Community forum.”

"Our HubSpot support team helped us become self sufficient, but we also know that we can pick up the phone whenever we have a question."

- Tim Knight

A Swift Path to Results

CloudApps began to see the results of its efforts almost immediately; in its first month, it achieved a 40% increase in website traffic.

“That’s been growing by 20% month-on-month. We’ve seen a similar increase in lead generation, which has risen by 35%,” says Tim.

As CloudApps targets enterprise-level customers, its sales cycle is quite long – typically six to nine months.

“This quarter, we ran our best-ever campaign from a revenue standpoint, and our revenue has increased by 2X overall. The HubSpot software has been a massive time-saver for us. We’re no longer chasing unqualified leads, which means that our precious resources are spent closing more deals.”

The HubSpot software has also freed up the marketing team’s time, leaving it to concentrate on more high-value tasks.

“We’ve been focussing on content creation, and the HubSpot Content Strategy tool is helping us discover which topics matter to our customers. Thanks to that and our SEO work, we now rank on the first page of Google for over 20 of our key phrases.”

Tim says that the HubSpot software is going to play a major role in CloudApps’ long-term development, and he recommends it to any other company that wants to go all-in with inbound marketing.

“It’s all about growth for us, and HubSpot is and will increasingly be the engine that powers that growth.”

"The HubSpot software is an absolute no-brainer for us – we couldn’t be without it now."

- Tim Knight

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