Cloudbridge Consulting Reaches New Heights as a HubSpot Partner

Cloudbridge Consulting helps B2B companies in the technology, manufacturing and service space to improve their sales and marketing processes. This includes the selection and implementation of the right automation software, which is how it came to discover the HubSpot Marketing Platform. It decided that it was the best way forward, both for its own marketing and that of its customers. Since partnering with HubSpot, it has increased leads by 20% and today, it has five clients using the software.


Clients using HubSpot


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Cloudbridge Consulting Team


Based in Munich, Germany, Cloudbridge Consulting has become a go-to consultancy for B2B technology, manufacturing and service companies that want to grow their businesses. It helps its customers to create winning growth strategies that cover every aspect of their sales and marketing processes.

A 360 Degree View On The Customer Journey

Cloudbridge Consulting helps B2B companies in the technology, manufacturing and service space to improve their sales and marketing processes and select and implement the right automation software. It was introduced to the HubSpot Marketing Platform at the dmexco, an international conference for the digital industry.

“One of our team members saw a HubSpot presentation and was very impressed,” says Christian Krüger, consultant with Cloudbridge Consulting. “Some of our clients had already expressed an interest in the HubSpot software, so we began to investigate it further.”

After taking a trial, Cloudbridge concluded that it would fit perfectly into the suite of products that it offered its clients. As well as this, it thought that it would help it to streamline and improve its own marketing processes.

“We have helped our customers to implement several solutions over the years, but I believe that the HubSpot software is the best of all in terms of usability, functionality, reliability, customer support and user training.

“We also wanted to start using it for ourselves. Our own marketing had taken a back seat; we were so busy with client projects that we simply didn’t have time. We thought that the HubSpot Marketing Platform would offer us an easy way to start changing that.”

The decision was a clear one, and Cloudbridge signed up to the HubSpot Partner Program in November 2016.

"The HubSpot software allows for truly integrated marketing and a 360 degree view on the customer journey."

Christian Krüger


Cloudbridge Consulting

Making the Most of the HubSpot Partnership

Cloudbridge quickly signed up two enterprise-level clients and began using the HubSpot Marketing Platform on their websites.

“We start by creating relevant content offers, such as Blog posts and whitepapers on Landing Pages. We then use Calls-to-Action and Smart Forms to gather user details, followed by Workflows to nurture leads to sales qualification. Within a matter of weeks, our clients see improvements to both their web traffic and lead numbers,” explains Christian.

“We’re not a big firm, but we have some strong brands that are keen to work with us. We want to capitalise on that, so we are in the process of setting up a separate inbound agency within Cloudbridge, which we are going to call Axperion."

It is using the HubSpot software to create the new agency’s website, as it wants to start attracting and nurturing more leads through the inbound method.

“We’re already getting more lucrative contracts, and with the Marketing Analytics Dashboard, we are able to prove the ROI of our work to our clients. And, once we launch the agency, we are going to move away from projects and only take on retainer work, so that we have a reliable revenue stream.”

"We can now show that we make a real difference to our clients’ bottom line."

- Christian Krüger

A Strong Vision For the Future

Cloudbridge has five large clients on the HubSpot software, and it has already helped them to achieve great success. On average, they increase their web traffic by 3.3X and their leads by 3.5X.

“We have already reached Gold Tier Partner status, and our goal is to acquire ten new enterprise customers by the end of the year.”

According to Christian, the HubSpot Partnership Program has been a major part of Cloudbridge’s success.

“We’ve had amazing support from the HubSpot team. I would recommend the HubSpot Partner Program to any other agency that wants to implement the inbound methodology and grow. It’s best of breed program.”

"We’re delighted that we chose the HubSpot Partnership Program – it is going to be the platform for our future success."

- Christian Krüger

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