Gets on the Right Road with HubSpot and Boosts Leads by 5X

Fast-growing German startup is on a mission to make the internet a faster place. As a company in the technology space, it knew that embracing inbound marketing made sense, but it hadn’t yet found the right software to help it achieve its goals. It discovered its perfect solution in the HubSpot Marketing Platform. After partnering with HubSpot for just six months, it increased organic website traffic by 4X, boosted leads by 5X and upped lead conversion rates from 1% to 3%.


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Founded in Germany in 2015, fast-growing startup is on a mission to make the internet a faster place. The global internet infrastructure, connected via submarine cables and network nodes, is a black box. The technology opens this black box and guarantees content providers the best route to and from their users. To do this, its works with cloud providers like Amazon Web Services and network providers such as Cogent, Hibernia Networks and Level 3.

A Fast-Growing Startup in Need of a Powerful Inbound Solution

German startup, graduated from TechStars in 2015 with a mission to make the internet a faster place. As a technology company, it knew that embracing inbound marketing made sense, but it hadn’t yet found the right software to help it achieve its goals.

“In the beginning, we were using MailChimp for emails and Pipestream for our CRM. We had no way to produce lead generation campaigns through content marketing; we weren’t able to automatically nuture our prospects,” says Logan Rivenes, marketing manager with “It became clear that we needed a powerful, all-in-one solution.” evaluated a number of marketing automation platforms, including Pardot and Marketo, but the HubSpot software emerged as the clear winner.

“I had been reading the HubSpot blog for over two years and had been impressed by both its philosophy and its product. The wider company agreed. From content creation to closing customers, we felt that the HubSpot Marketing Platform offered the most comprehensive solution. Also, we needed a CRM, and the HubSpot CRM inclusion made the decision very easy," explains Logan. signed up with HubSpot in 2016 – the next step was to use the platform to implement a new lead-generating marketing strategy.

"As a long-time user of HubSpot's blogs and resources, I was excited by the possibilities that it offered. Once we got our hands on it, I wasn’t disappointed."

Logan Rivenes

Marketing Manager

Transforming Marketing Strategy With the HubSpot Software

As a new kid on the block, wanted to establish its position as a thought-leader in its field. To begin this process, it used the Keywords tool to start to drive more traffic to its website.

“We used the tool to narrow down what keywords we wanted to target, and then we began blogging around them using the Blog App.”

The next step was to set up personas for its different types of potential clients. It decided to target three main types of people based on their position in their company – the CTO, the network engineer and the system administrator.

“We further differentiate each persona according to the kind of problem they want to solve. For example, we have Gaming Gary, who is interested in solving network congestion and making sure that gameplay is rendered as fast as possible.” set up Landing Pages for its content, such as whitepapers, case studies and tutorials, adding Calls-to-Action (CTAs) and Forms to capture user details. It has also set up Workflows, so that these leads can be nurtured with automatic Emails and offers based on their persona and their stage in the marketing funnel.

The HubSpot CRM has also become an essential part of its inbound strategy, says Logan.

“We use the Deals function quite a bit. We create a Deal for every contact that is entered into the CRM and then categorise them by their deal stage – for example, if they have requested a demo, then that’s someone that we want to have a call with. The fact that the salespeople can see how each lead has interacted with us is very helpful as well. Now they have a starting point for a conversation, and they know that the prospect will be interested in what they have to say.”

"Thanks to the HubSpot software, we now know what our leads’ goals are, what their pain points are – we have common ground to start a conversation."

- Logan Rivenes

Remarkable Results Within Just Six Months

Once started working with the HubSpot Marketing Platform, the results were “almost immediate”, says Logan.

“We set up our first two whitepapers and started generating leads within a month – we were surprised by how many people were signing up. With our blog, we saw a huge uptick in traffic in July, and that’s been growing ever since. Once the search engines indexed our website, it really took off.”

The company’s organic website traffic has increased by 4X, while leads are up by 5X. Conversion rates across the websites have been boosted from 1% to 3%,  and some pieces of content are performing particularly well – an ebook on DevOps has a conversion rate of 40%.

Logan plans to use the HubSpot Marketing Platform to continue this upward trajectory.

“Our HubSpot customer success manager has been great. She’s currently helping us introduce lead scoring, so that we can nuture our leads in an even more personalised way. In the longer term, we’re going to scale our salesforce, and then look at scaling to different cloud providers and different products. The HubSpot software will be the foundation to all of that.”

He would recommend the platform to any organisation that wants to bring its marketing to a new level. 

“We’re HubSpot advocates – we love the resources, the academy, the certifications and of course the software itself. If you want to implement the inbound methodology easily and effectively, then the HubSpot Marketing Platform has everything you need.”

"The HubSpot software has helped us dramatically improve our results in just six months – I would advise anyone who is thinking seriously about inbound to consider it."

- Logan Rivenes

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