Faith-based Nonprofit TheHopeLine Increases Traffic 71% and Social Reach 119% Using HubSpot

Dawson McAllister's TheHopeLine has two primary marketing objectives, to expose their ministry and services to a greater community and make more people in need, aware that they exist and are available to help them. They knew that by driving more traffic to their website, with content, they would have a better opportunity to educate people about their ministry. More importantly, they could serve more people by getting them the help they needed, so they began to look for a marketing solution that would help them achieve their mission.


increase in organic traffic within first six months


increase in social media reach within first nine months


of new contacts generated from social media first nine months

About Dawson McAllister's TheHopeLine

Dawson McAllister Association is a national ministry that aims to reach, rescue and restore teenagers and young adults. Founded by Dawson McAllister in 1973 and has reached millions of teens and young adults though television, student conferences, and his nationally syndicated faith-based, call-in radio show and TheHopeLine.

Struggling to Reach Teens In Need Online

Although the reach thousands of people every week on the phone and via chat, the marketing team at Dawson McAllister's TheHopeLine struggled to attract new visitors to their website because of low search rankings. In addition, once they did get an online visitor, they did not have the ability to gather information on people who were downloading the limited materials they offered.

On top of those issues, they struggled with no real in-house marketing expertise. The team lacked a background in marketing and had no formal strategy on how to connect with their users or visitors.  They began to learn by trial and error, basing their work on advice from articles and webinars found within their online networks. Chief Technology Officer, David Anderson, spoke with several nonprofit marketing professionals in his network for suggestions of marketing solutions that were both cost-effective and proven to help organizations raise awareness and exposure. Throughout the research process, they evaluated HubSpot, Marketo and Vocus, but in the end, selected HubSpot due to comfortability during a trial period and ease of use.

"We felt most comfortable with HubSpot, there was no trial period offered with the other organizations, and we felt HubSpot was fully committed to helping us be successful and see results needed to foster a long-term relationship."

David Anderson

Chief Technology Officer

Dawson McAllister's TheHopeLine

HubSpot Helps Improve Awareness and Exposure

From the beginning, HubSpot understood the limitations Dawson McAllister and similar nonprofits face. Their main objective was to maximize their marketing efforts to see actual mission-based results within the first three months using the software. They worked with a specialized team of consultants and an account representative, who work exclusively with nonprofit organizations, to build their inbound marketing strategy. “They understood that we are a small ministry with national and growing international reach, we have very limited financial resources, and even more limited personnel resources,” said David.

The step-by-step training webinars were also a valuable part of their inbound marketing education. “They are incredibly easy to understand for the marketing novice and we appreciate learning the basics of inbound marketing. It’s great to be able to dedicate the consulting hours entirely on strategy and execution,” says David.

Their strategy began with SEO and understanding which keywords and topics their audience of teens and young adults were searching for. HubSpot’s SEO tools allow them to research and easily add those keywords into blogs and online content. Another major part of their inbound strategy is using the Social Media tools to publish content and understand with Analytics, what’s driving engagement and what’s falling flat. As a result, they saw a 71% increase in organic traffic and 119% increase of their social media reach within their first six months using HubSpot.

They also use HubSpot’s CTA tool to add to their blogs and online content. The first Landing Page they built for their “Understanding Suicide” eBook, had a 44% submission rate and as a result they had over 250 new people they could reach out to and help. They found it was easy to set up landing pages due to the responsive design templates and have incorporated email Workflows which, as David mentions, “has been a complete game-changer.” Previously, they had to wait for a programmer to create landing pages and forms but now with HubSpot they are self-sufficient, saving both time and associated resources.

"HubSpot truly cares about the services we offer to teens and young adults, they genuinely want us to succeed. This has been encouraging and refreshing to experience a company that truly cares about the client and understands their needs as a nonprofit."

David Anderson

Chief Technology Officer

Dawson McAllister's TheHopeLine

Expanding Opportunities to Help

“We are just beginning to see the light with all the potential advanced marketing features, such as A/B testing and Smart CTAs, have to offer,” says David. They plan to do A/B testing to increase their email open rates on several of the weekly emails they send out. In addition, they are excited about the new Campaign tool in Hubspot and have started to use it with their new eBook offers. They aim to reach and help even more troubled teens and young adults this year using HubSpot than ever before. 

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