dcs plus Boosts Visitors and Leads by 4X With HubSpot

By 2015, dcs plus was selling its technology solutions to travel industry professionals across the world. However, the company needed to make a change to its marketing strategy. As their business was based mostly on recommendations, they were using a collection of unconnected tools, including MailChimp and Google Analytics, and they weren’t getting the most out of their data. dcs plus realised that the inbound methodology could be a game changer for the business and partnered with HubSpot in 2015. Since then, it has boosted its website visitors and leads by 4X.


Increase in leads


Increase in website traffic

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Romanian-based dcs plus develops technology solutions for travel industry. Founded in 2002, the company focuses on delivering reliable solutions and industry know-how to travel industry players, regardless of their size or business model. Its range of products – TINA, AIDA, TBS, TRIP and TravList – are used by travel agencies in more than 45 markets.

A SaaS Company in Search of a Smarter Marketing Solution

By 2015, dcs plus was selling its technology solutions to travel industry professionals across the world. However, the travel-tech company needed to make a change to its marketing strategy. It was using a collection of unconnected tools, including MailChimp and Google Analytics, and their lack of integration meant that it wasn’t getting the most out of its data. As well as this, its website was built on a custom CMS, and it had no way to capture useful information about its visitors, such as the pages they were looking at and where they came from.

According to Andrei Savin, marketing manager with dcs plus: “It was a more of a technology oriented presentation website than a sales one. Prospects could fill in a form to request more information, but their details ended up in an Excel sheet, where there was no accurate segmentation.”

dcs plus realised that it needed to change its website in order to increase its profile and generate and nurture more leads. It began to search for a complete solution to help it achieve those goals – fellow software company UiPath recommended the HubSpot software.

“They told us that they had already achieved great success with it themselves, and we were naturally intrigued. We started reading up on the inbound methodology and saw that this was something that could be a game-changer for us. We also evaluated Marketo, but after a demonstration of the HubSpot Marketing Platform, we were convinced. It was so simple to use, and all its tools were connected.”

The decision was made, and dcs plus signed on with HubSpot in 2015.

"The all-in-one nature of the HubSpot software was a primary motivator for us – we knew that its integrated tools would be crucial to our inbound success."

Andrei Savin

Marketing Manager

dcs plus

A New Way of Doing Business

First, dcs plus moved its website to the HubSpot CMS. It migrated its Contacts and added a Blog and Landing Pages with downloadable ebooks, whitepapers and case studies based on its customer success stories. It promoted user engagement with Calls-to-Action and Forms and created Email campaigns to nurture leads based on their interests and their position in the marketing funnel.

“The HubSpot onboarding team was great,” explains Andrei.  “They gave us a very clear list of tasks that we needed to do and made it easy for us to understand everything.”

The company’s exploration of the inbound methodology led it to the conclusion that it needed to hire a sales team. That hadn’t been necessary before partnering with HubSpot, as the majority of its customers were converted through referrals and recommendations.

“We decided we needed a sales team because we couldn’t manage the number of leads we were generating. We needed to focus on a more structured approach.”

dcs plus has introduced manual lead scoring; once visitors have had a certain number of interactions with the company, they are passed across to the sales team. The salespeople then use the HubSpot CRM to get a clear view on their leads’ interests and pain points. This, says Andrei, leads to more informed conversations and closed contracts.

“When we were using Excel sheets, we simply didn’t know what was happening with our potential customers. Every day, I would have to ask ‘what’s happening with the lead? Whose lead is that?’ Now we can just go into the CRM and all that information is at our fingertips, from who made the last contact to how the deal is progressing.”

The company is also making use of the Marketing Analytics Dashboard to get a better sense of how well its marketing activities are working.

“Before, we couldn’t tell why a campaign worked or didn’t. Now we can correlate actions with results. We can see what we need to do more of and figure out when we need to take corrective measures.”

"Before partnering with HubSpot, we didn’t have a consolidated way to look at our data. Now we have a complete view of both the sales and the marketing pipelines."

Sibel Aptula

Marketing Specialist

dcs plus

Reaping Rewards With the Inbound Methodology

dcs plus has seen strong results since partnering with HubSpot. It has added four members to its newly created sales team, increased its website traffic by 3.6X and its leads by 4X. The company has big plans to keep this forward momentum going, says Andrei.

“We want to continue to increase not only the quantity but also the quality of the leads we’re getting. We’re working in a niche area, and we need to make sure that we are targeting the right people, so we’re going to work on honing our personas.”

The dcs plus marketing manager believes that the company’s new marketing approach is “infinitely better” to what it was doing this time last year.

“I would recommend the HubSpot software to any company that wants to transform its marketing. HubSpot gives you the roadmap you need to generate visitors, turn them into leads and then close them as customers.”

"The HubSpot software has given us the framework we needed for inbound success."

- Andrei Savin

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