HubSpot Customer Spotlight: DeskDirector

DeskDirector was spending several thousand dollars a month on AdWords to drive lead generation. Phill Claxton, one of DeskDirector’s co-founders, was searching for a more efficient solution for his marketing activities. He wanted to reduce advertising spend, begin creating compelling marketing content and find a marketing software that was easy to use. Since implementing HubSpot, they have been able to reduce advertising cost to under a third. DeskDirector uses HubSpot for blogging, email, landing page creation, social media monitoring and website. They’ve harnessed the power of HubSpot’s WISIWIG editors and save time on creating online content. Phill says, “I use the word many times when it comes to HubSpot, but HubSpot is about gaining leverage for your business.”

About DeskDirector

DeskDirector is a software company based in New Zealand. Their software helps IT providers create a better experience for their customers. It includes features like a chat window, auto login, mobile access and a custom branded interface.

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