Distil Networks: How Content Fueled Company Growth

Distil Networks is the leading public and private cloud security provider that blocks malicious “bots"—automated computer programs—that attack websites. Distil implemented HubSpot, and shortly thereafter, CEO and co-founder Rami Essaid saw a dramatic increase in inbound leads, and a significant jump in revenue.


Increase in inbound leads


Increase in number of site visits


Revenue growth

About Distil Networks

Distil helps protect your website against web scraping, competitive data mining, form spam, and click fraud.

Discovering the Power of Good Content

Distil Networks co-founder Rami Essaid still remembers how, early in his career, he was told to “blog.” At the time, he wasn’t really sure why; something about the power of “content” to attract and educate people about your product. It didn’t sink in until years later--when Distil was just getting off the ground—that content could be a powerful catalyst for growth by attracting people with useful information. Now a full-fledged proponent of inbound marketing, Essaid’s only regret is that he didn’t start practicing this kind of marketing sooner. Fortunately, what little time this driven entrepreneur may have lost, he’s made up for—and then some—having used HubSpot for the last six months. During that time, inbound leads have increased 107%, and Distil’s revenue has been growing 60% quarter over quarter.

A Platform the Entire Company Could Love

Ah, the early stages of a start-up. You’re building your company. Trying to make sense of where you’re headed with your marketing. Mapping out a plan… Wait, you’re not mapping out anything. You’re just trying to survive, right? Well, yes. But, according to Essaid, that’s when HubSpot played a pivotal role in the growth of his company. Instead of putting off the practice of inbound marketing, Essaid embraced it. He started to understand why, so many years earlier he'd heard about the importance of blogging and content creation.

"HubSpot helps me figure out what's working, and what's not."

Rami Essaid

Co-founder and CEO

Distil Networks

A Key Tool for Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups

These days, Essaid understands the power of content creation—and HubSpot. But he knows that some start-ups and companies think they’re not ready for such a powerful platform. Essaid urges them to think differently about getting organized in thinking about inbound marketing. As he aptly puts it, “It’s about more than content.” To support his point, Essaid maintains that getting HubSpot early on “helps you scale.”

While his entire company uses it in different ways, his favorite HubSpot features include the ability to A/B test content, as well as manage social interactions via Social Inbox. But for Essaid, the greatest benefit of using HubSpot is still the ability to leverage real insight in your marketing efforts, as opposed to mere instinct. As he points out, this kind of data-driven decision-making is what drives real growth, and builds companies like Distil Networks.

Essaid urges startups to think differently about the power of inbound marketing. As he aptly puts it, “It’s about more than content... [it] helps you scale.”

Rami Essaid

Co-founder and CEO

Distil Networks

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