Niche Produce Marketing Agency Grows Inbound Client Base 2X and Elevates Fresh Food Marketing as HubSpot Partner

DMA Solutions is a leading marketing agency in the fresh produce industry, working with clients to achieve business and marketing goals with measurable strategies. In 2012, DMA Solutions’ President and CEO, Dan’l Mackey Almy, sought a solution to measure marketing efforts, transform DMA Solutions’ business, and improve the ability of clients to be effective food marketers.


Increase in Inbound Client Base in 1st Yr


Increase in Revenue in 1st Yr


Increase in Online Traffic in 2 Yrs

About DMA Solutions

DMA Solutions, Inc. is a leading marketing agency in the fresh produce industry on a mission to inspire consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables one creative idea at a time. DMA solves marketing problems and works to help clients achieve their goals with measurable strategies that reach both consumer and trade audiences. With a successful track record in fresh produce marketing, DMA provides a full spectrum of marketing services with quantifiable results to fit each of their client’s individual needs.

DMA Solutions Chooses HubSpot and Inbound Marketing Approach

Prior to becoming a HubSpot Partner, DMA Solutions focused efforts on building online communities, measuring website analytics at a very high level, and developing creative assets such as websites, blogs and social content. It was very difficult for them to measure the effectiveness of these marketing efforts, and therefore next to impossible to show that these marketing activities contributed to sales.

In order to keep their presence in such a specialized market, and understanding their clients had similar challenges, DMA Solutions began aggressively researching online marketing.  Believing in the inbound marketing approach, the company relied on the HubSpot blog and 100+ HubSpot eBooks to help find a solution to its marketing problems.  DMA Solutions knew that partnering with HubSpot and fully adopting HubSpot’s inbound marketing software was necessary in order to measure its inbound marketing efforts, grow its client base, and address the unique challenges of its clients that come from being part of such a specialized industry.

"The resources offered by the HubSpot Partner program helped train and evolve our thinking beyond ‘how’ we would approach inbound marketing. The resources talked about ‘why’ which was like turning on a light in a dark room."

Dan'l Mackey Almy

President and CEO

DMA Solutions

HubSpot and Inbound Marketing Transform DMA Solutions

DMA Solutions’ President and CEO, Dan’l Mackey Almy, says that becoming a HubSpot Partner marked a positive transition for the company.  “The resources offered by the program helped train and evolve our thinking beyond ‘how’ we would approach inbound marketing. The resources talked about ‘why’, which was like turning on a light in a dark room.”

DMA Solutions uses HubSpot’s Analytics tools to qualify and quantify its marketing efforts.  They also use smart lists to help nurture and close the leads that are consuming DMA Solutions’ marketing content.  The HubSpot inbound marketing platform enables DMA Solutions to monitor the effectiveness of these marketing efforts, segment audiences, and organically grow its contact and client base.




DMA Solutions doesn’t only use HubSpot’s software for its own business, it also manages the software for a growing number of retainer clients.  The agency often acts as a client’s social media and communications team, using HubSpot’s Social Media and SEO tools daily to identify areas of content that customers and communities want to know more about.  HubSpot’s inbound marketing software allows DMA Solutions to help its clients surface, develop and deliver the content that’s most relevant to target audiences that will ultimately help increase consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.

"We love Hubspot because it makes us better marketers. HubSpot empowers us to provide meaningful and measurable marketing data that matters to our clients and their customers."

Dan'l Mackey Almy

President and CEO

DMA Solutions

DMA Solutions Grows Its New and Existing Client Businesses

HubSpot’s inbound marketing software has transformed the way DMA Solutions does business. DMA Solutions has exceeded initial goals and expectations since partnering with HubSpot. Within the first year, DMA Solutions increased revenue by 40% and reached HubSpot's Gold Partner Tier.  In just over a year, the agency is already more than halfway to Platinum.

This growth comes from both new and existing clients that were not utilizing inbound marketing or HubSpot’s platform.  Since adopting HubSpot, the agency has more than doubled its inbound client base, more than doubled its reach in all traffic sources, and more than doubled its blog subscriber base.  DMA Solutions’ clients are more successful now that the agency is helping them implement inbound marketing with HubSpot. HubSpot helps clients connect with their prospects in a more meaningful way by making it easy to produce tailored content.  And because DMA Solutions is improving the ability of its clients to be more effective food marketers, the agency and its clients are growing their businesses together.

HubSpot's inbound marketing methodology has touched all aspects of the DMA Solutions business. Today, the agency hires marketers that have inbound marketing knowledge or have the capacity to think and act like an inbound marketer.  DMA Solutions’ employee size has doubled from just 6 employees in 2012, to 13 employees in 2014 as a result of their success. 

Future Partnership: DMA Solutions and HubSpot

So what’s in store for the future?  Mackey Almy is excited to continue the DMA Solutions-HubSpot Partnership.

According to Mackey Almy, DMA Solutions, its fresh produce clients, and HubSpot working together are going to increase consumption and elevate the marketing of fresh food to be helpful, loveable, and measurable.  “The way our industry could be using the HubSpot inbound methodology is transformational in itself.”

“Inbound marketing is opening doors we never could’ve opened before. There is much, much work to be done, but we now have a seat at the food marketing table. Our collective work will have a lasting positive impact for generations to come.”

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