DW Inbound Doubles Its Revenue as a HubSpot Partner

French agency DW Inbound (DigitaWeb) was on a mission to supercharge its inbound marketing. It decided to jettison the point solutions that it was using for an all-in-one automation platform, and the HubSpot software was its first choice. It had all the features it needed, and it was backed by an ethos that matched its own. The agency also wanted to be able to offer it to its clients, so it joined the HubSpot Partner Program. Since then, it achieved some great results, including a 2X increase in both leads and revenue.


Increase in revenue


Increase in leads


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Digitaweb Team


Headquartered in Paris, France, DW Inbound (DigitaWeb) helps companies in the SaaS, recruitment, FinTech and franchise industries to supercharge their marketing and recruiting. It uses the inbound methodology to manage every aspect of its clients’ online presence, from website creation through to SEO and lead nurturing. DW Inbound also offers Sales Enablement services to companies from all sectors, and it is a HubSpot Gold Tier Partner. And henceforth it is the only french agency specialized in COS developpement (the HubSpot CMS).

A Route to Synced-Up Inbound

Marketing agency DW Inbound was founded in 2013, when the inbound methodology was still relatively unknown in France. It used manual methods and some point solutions to achieve results, but it found that the lead volume it needed just wasn’t there.

“The aim was to get all our activities working in sync, and we decided that an all-in-one solution was the best way forward,” explains DW Inbound's CEO, Jimmy Hoareau.

DW Inbound wanted a platform that would work for both itself and its clients, so it began to look at partner programs. It investigated Marketo, Eloqua and Webmecanik, but Jimmy was already leaning towards HubSpot. After all, he had been first introduced to inbound through its blog back in 2012, and he had been reading and downloading its content ever since.

“To be honest, we didn’t need much convincing, because the HubSpot software had all the tools we would ever need under the one roof. The support and training that we would get as a HubSpot Partner was also key – we felt that this was a company that genuinely cared about our success.”

The decision was made, and DW Inbound signed up to the HubSpot Partner Program in 2015 and have now a lot of references of clients using inbound marketing and recruiting in their strategies founded with DW Inbound (DigitaWeb).

"HubSpot is continually developing and its ethos matches our own. We knew that this was a company that we could build a strong relationship with."

Jimmy Hoareau


DW Inbound

Convincing Customers With the Growth Stack

DW Inbound got started by using the HubSpot growth stack, the combination of the Marketing, CRM and Sales software, on its own website. It defined its personas – companies in the technology, recruitment and franchising industries – and created content to appeal to their interests.

Today, the agency’s website is a model of inbound in action. It has an active blog and manages its social media accounts with the Social Inbox App. Visitors are encouraged to engage with the website through Calls-to-Action and Forms and then nurtured through the funnel with Workflows.

“We use the CRM and the Sales Pro software to get a clear view on where we are with our leads and to close deals more efficiently. The growth stack has helped us produce a much smoother way of working, and there’s greater transparency between our marketing and sales teams.”

The agency quickly achieved success with its new approach, and leads began flowing in within weeks.

“That has been a big change for us. Before we became a HubSpot Partner, we spent around €400 a month on Google AdWords. We don’t need to do that anymore; we get 100% of our leads through inbound.”

DW Inbound finds that it sometimes has to educate certain prospects on just how valuable the inbound methodology can be. An effective way to do this is to get them started with HubSpot’s freemium software, says Jimmy.

“The free tools give them concrete proof that it works, and they see that there is the potential to do even more. They usually end up moving to the premium products, and then we can really show them what we can do. For example, we got 5,000 leads for our clients last quarter, and we typically double their website traffic within 12 months.”

"With the HubSpot software, we can show our clients that great results are really achievable."

- Jimmy Hoareau

Results on the Double as a HubSpot Partner

Since joining the HubSpot Partner Program, DW Inbound has achieved some amazing results. Its web traffic is up by 2X and so are its leads – it gets an average of 300 per month. The agency’s revenue has increased by 2X, it has 11 clients on the HubSpot software and it has become a Gold Tier Partner.

“100% of our customers now sign up to retainer contracts, which allows us to develop long-term strategies and get them better, more consistent results. It also brings us a predictable revenue stream, which is very welcome.”

While attending the HubSpot Partner Summit in Dublin, Jimmy learned more about the power of the growth stack, and he is convinced that it is the future of inbound.

“We’re actively working to get more clients using it, because the growth stack allows us to produce truly integrated campaigns. We want to be known as an agency that can help with the entire funnel, which is why we started offering sales enablement services at the start of 2017. That’s the all-important step – transforming leads into customers."

As far as future plans go, ’s ambition is to become the number one agency for companies in French-speaking regions by 2020.

“We want to be the connection that brings the inbound to businesses from Canada to Morocco, and our HubSpot Partnership is going to be key to that.”

And to sealed in the deepest inbound marketings strategy the partnership between us, Jimmy, Jean and Clémentine-Lou contribute every month on our french blog.

"The HubSpot Partnership gives you the advice, tools and support you need to succeed –we’re excited about the future."

- Jimmy Hoareau

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