Effectly Partners with HubSpot to Increase Leads by 20X

Effectly helps businesses to become more customer centric, so when it expanded its operations, it knew that inbound marketing would be a great fit. It needed a marketing automation platform to help it implement the new strategy; for co-founder Joakim Thörn, the HubSpot software was the only choice. He had worked with HubSpot before in a previous role and was keen to replicate the amazing results they had achieved. His confidence was well placed. Since partnering with HubSpot, Effectly has boosted its web traffic by 10X and leads by 20X, which resulted in five new clients.


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Founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2012, Effectly helps businesses to put their customers at the heart of everything they do with a unique combination of customer experience software and consulting. Its products and services are among the most comprehensive in the industry. They include rapid voice-to-text transcription and analysis across every touchpoint, the ability to respond to customer and employee feedback in real time and reports that provide actionable insights into customer behaviour. Effectly has seen double digit growth every year since its inception.

Inbound is the Ideal Choice for a Company Where the Customer is King

Effectly was founded in Stockholm, Sweden by Joakim and Maria Thörn with a mission to help companies become more customer centric. For its first three years in business, it was busy tending to the needs of three major clients, but in September 2015, it decided the time was right to expand its operations.

Effectly’s goals were to attract more visitors to its website, nurture them into leads and convert them into customers, all through inbound marketing. The methodology was a perfect fit for a company so committed to customer satisfaction, and Joakim knew HubSpot was the ideal platform to help implement it.

“I had worked with the HubSpot Marketing Platform before, when I was an advisor to a large telecoms company, and I remembered it as a stunning piece of software. From its look and feel to its multichannel capabilities, HubSpot had everything that we wanted and needed. We did investigate other options, including Eloqua, but there was just no comparison.”

The decision was made to partner with HubSpot and Effectly began the onboarding process right away.

"HubSpot brings a lot of value to the table. The software is a one-stop-solution for all our marketing needs."

Joakim Thörn



On Course to Become a Customer Magnet With HubSpot

Effectly’s plan was to become “a customer magnet” by supplying its visitors and leads with valuable content, including blog posts, ebooks and webinars.

“We want to educate and delight our potential customers and take them up to the ‘yes line’. Then when we do place a sales call, we know the prospect is ready to buy,” explains Joakim.

Effectly set its content up on Landing Pages, adding Forms and Smart CTAs to encourage engagement. It also defined its audience with buyer personas, segmenting potential customers into categories such as High Level Executive, VP of Sales and VP of Marketing. This meant that it could fine tune every communication it had with a prospect and give the visitor the content they want to read, when they want it.

Joakim uses the Workflows App to build campaigns tailored to each persona and their stage in the buyer’s journey.

“We can automate what triggers a Workflow to start – for example, if a VP of Sales persona downloads a particular piece of content, they will be sent a follow-up message with another call-to-action in it. With the Email App, we can provide them with highly personalised and relevant communications and that’s really helping us to convert a lot of leads into customers.”

According to Joakim, the support and training that HubSpot provides is second to none. “It is world class, both the onboarding and the ongoing support is great. HubSpot is passionate about putting the customer at the centre of its business and goes above and beyond to help them succeed. I’ve never had that level of service from a company before.”

"HubSpot was a perfect fit for us. Its software, training and business ethos all align with our core message – put the customer at the centre of everything."

- Joakim Thörn

A Method That Brings Results and Recognition

Effectly’s embrace of the inbound methodology has certainly paid dividends. Since it has been using the HubSpot software, the company has increased its website traffic by 10X, from 200 visitors a month to 2,000. Leads have increased by 20X, which resulted in five new clients for Effectly.

Joakim believes that the inbound methodology has helped Effectly to be viewed as an expert in the field of Customer Experience Management.

“The workshops, seminars and meetups that we organise get huge attendance rates and that’s thanks to the HubSpot Marketing Platform. We have had customers sign up with us for $100,000 contracts at these events. When we look back on the Analytics Dashboard, we can see every interaction that we had with them previous to that point, so we can replicate the process with other leads.”

Looking to the future, Effectly plans on closing ten more customers by the end of the year and increasing its website traffic to 5,000 visits per month. To achieve this, it is going to produce even more content and channel its potential through the HubSpot Marketing Platform.

In the longer term, Joakim plans to open an online Effectly University that teaches courses in the seven disciplines of Customer Experience. Content for this is already being prepared, as are the Workflows that will drive lead engagement.

Continuing the partnership between Effectly and HubSpot is “a no-brainer”, says Joakim.

“When you want to be a customer magnet, you have to be really good at producing content and you have to understand the customer’s buying process. The HubSpot Marketing Platform fits with these goals 100%. With it, we can produce and market our content and achieve great results for the business.”

"We want to continue to expand our business, delight our visitors and close more sales, and HubSpot is the strategic partner we need to help us achieve our goals."

- Joakim Thörn

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