Elevator Agency Closes Biggest Retainer in Company History During Partner Sales Boot Camp

Elevator Agency joined the partner program to transition their project-based agency into a recurring revenue model. Within a year of partnering with HubSpot, they achieved a gold-tiered status. Elevator enrolled in small group sales training exclusively for HubSpot Partners. The training is personalized for each agency and allowed Elevator to close their biggest retainer in company history within 8 weeks of enrolling in the training.


Average increase in client leads


Weeks to source and close new client during boot camp


Amount of revenue coming from recurring clients


Elevator is a digital brand strategy agency based out of San Diego. Founded in 2004, they focus on providing inbound marketing services to enterprise technology firms.

Transitioning from Project-Based to Retainer-Based Clients

After 10 years of operating as a project-based agency business, Frank Cowell, CEO of Elevator Agency, was exhausted from the roller coaster required to run this type of business model. He and his business partner were on the hunt for a way to transition to a recurring revenue model. Before partnering with HubSpot, Elevator's recurring revenue was less than 5% of their business. After making the transition to becoming an inbound marketing agency, recurring revenue tops 80%!


Elevator partnered with HubSpot to build their business around the inbound methodology, where their revenue is based on retainers instead of one-time projects. Frank says, "We now have a model for growth. I know exactly what revenue looks like in 12 months. Now, making business decisions is much easier. I'm not making business decision for only today, I'm making them for tomorrow." 

"I have yet to come across a company where the word ‘partnership’ is embodied like it is here at HubSpot."

Frank Cowell

CEO, Elevator Agency

Closing their Largest Client in Company History

Elevator Agency enrolled in an 8-week sales bootcamp with a HubSpot sales trainer. These boot camps are an exclusive benefit for Agency Partners and teach partners how to prospect and generate more pipeline, as well as soft sales skills. During the 8-week training, Elevator Agency won the largest opportunity in the company history using the skills learned from the bootcamp.  

"It's amazing to me that HubSpot is providing this extra sales training to me, as a partner, without me paying an additional dime for it."

Partnering with HubSpot also allowed Elevator to create their brand promise of doubling a clients’ leads in the first 90 days of a new campaign. Elevator was able to take their marketing efforts to the next level leveraging both the HubSpot software and business coaching from their Channel Account Manager. Since becoming a partner, Elevator’s clients see a 594% average increase in leads in first 90 days of a new campaign launch.

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