Employment Hero Injects Growth and Aligns Marketing & Sales with HubSpot

When Sebastian Reay joined Employment Hero two years ago, the marketing team consisted of just one other person, a legacy marketing automation system and no real sales process. To inject growth into the organisation and streamline processes, Sebastian reassessed and reinvigorated the marketing strategy with an inbound approach. Since implementing HubSpot, Sebastian has been able to prove marketing’s impact on sales with quality lead generation, an effort that has contributed to a 33% growth of the sales team. Know someone that might find this case study useful? Click here to send it to them


Increase in MoM Organic Traffic


Increase in MoM Lead Generation

About Employment Hero

Employment Hero changes what people expect from employment! Employment Hero aims to become the employment platform of choice for employers and employees in Australia and beyond, by providing free, easy-to-use HR software that employers love to use, and access to far greater benefits for all employees.

Marketing and Sales Operate in Insolation

The first change Sebastian wanted to make when he joined Employment Hero was the approach to content marketing. While content was being created, it wasn’t strategic due to a lack of clear objectives, no concept of their buyer persona and the absence of data to provide insight into what was actually driving results. “The approach was very much to throw it out there and see what stuck.”  

The only conversion point for website visitors was a contact sales form. All leads generated from this form were sent straight to sales but with no qualification process, the sales team were receiving un-qualified leads. This caused a bad perception of marketing’s ability to generate leads for the organisation.

It didn’t take Sebastian long to notice that the existing marketing software, Pardot, was inhibiting not only his teams’ ability to create great marketing but also the alignment between marketing and sales. Pardot was proving too difficult for his team to use and wasn’t the complete system they needed. The team had to regularly log into different tools for their various activities, from content creation to social media. As a result of using different platforms, the numbers and reports rarely added up and Sebastian became frustrated by the time spent in data manipulation. Coupled with the lack of support available, Sebastian struggled to prove the value of the system to the organisation.

A New System Approach

Pardot wasn’t supporting the inbound marketing strategy Sebastian wanted to bring to Employment Hero, yet replacing it seemed impossible. “I questioned changing systems. I was worried that it would be too hard to learn a new system from scratch and to sync our data over,” Sebastian reflected. “The reality couldn’t have been more different. All the data just synced across -- it was no issue.” Sebastian and his team found HubSpot easy to use and after an “awesome” on-boarding experience, felt confident in the system after just two weeks. “Other systems I’ve used have been a much bigger headache to implement.”

The dedicated support from HubSpot meant Employment Hero received weekly catch ups and constant best practice advice from their Implementation Specialist. Sebastian also enrolled in HubSpot’s Classroom Training for extra tips and tricks for both the platform and fundamental principles for an Inbound methodology. “It was a great opportunity to network, get feedback on your current processes and find out what others are doing.”

" It was great to have a platform which is centred around the inbound methodology"

Sebastian Reay

Digital Marketing Manager

Employment Hero

A Strategy That Sticks, Finally!

With an all-in-one system in place, Sebastian and his team had the tool kit needed to focus on their strategy and less on operations. They’ve since identified and developed their buyer personas; HR Holly, and Business owner Owen, and now tailor all their content to appeal to these audiences. A recent webinar on how to paperlessly on-board employees – something Holly would find of value since she looks for ways to save time on admin tasks in order to develop more important projects - generated 10 booked demos for the sales team.  

Employment Hero has taken this even further and have changed to meet their customer’s expectations and way of buying. This includes a Free Account offer – a trial – and a demo request to get more people into the funnel. The result is more conversion points and more, qualified, leads for the sales team. 

Since making their content marketing more strategic, Employment Hero has seen their lead growth increase by 10% month on month, and their overall traffic increase by 16%. Sebastian has also seen an overall increase in his teams’ productivity since less time is spent on reporting thanks to HubSpot’s robust visual dashboards. “I’m always checking the sources report – I love seeing our traffic grow and from which efforts so we can focus our strategy even further.”

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