Utility Bill Management Software Company EnergyCAP Uses HubSpot to Increase Leads 6.5X

EnergyCAP's VP of Marketing, Chris Heinz, and his team were using a combination of online marketing tools but struggled to create content easily, generate qualified leads and track their overall results. The technology they had in place was not keeping up with the pace of their creativity and desired production rates. They were already bought into the power of inbound marketing and turned to HubSpot's all-in-one marketing platform to improve their online visibility and convert more visitors into qualified leads.


increase in leads
within 6 mos.


increase in traffic
within 6 mos.


increase in marketing offers
within 6 mos.

About EnergyCAP

EnergyCAP is America’s #1 utility bill management software. Since 1982, EnergyCAP has helped government, education, and commercial organizations to get value from their utility bills. Clients have used EnergyCAP to track energy and greenhouse gas data, target reduction goals, benchmark buildings, submit to ENERGY STAR, measure and verify energy savings, streamline utility bill processing and auditing, create budgets and forecasts, and much more. EnergyCAP, Inc. is a multiple ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year and provides implementation, training, bill process, and support services.

Disparate Tools Hinder Growth

As an industry leader for 30 years, a core goal of EnergyCAP's marketing team is to present the company as thought-leaders in the energy management field. They aim to convert web traffic into leads by publishing helpful online content and producing offers. They were generating a lot of great content, including case studies, eBooks and videos, but they were buried within their website and not performing well to generate leads.
Chris Heinz, VP of Marketing, wanted to improve their ability to create content and better convert visitors into leads but faced some executional roadblocks.

They were using Pardot to manage their marketing automation, MailChimp for some email campaigns, and HootSuite for social media managment.  Using these disparate tools, they weren't able to easily tie together or measure their campaigns.
Although EnergyCAP was exercising an inbound marketing strategy, their marketing platform wasn't supporting their efforts.  Chris saw this as a missed opportunity and began to evaluate other solutions.  He sought a marketing platform that could support EnergyCAP's inbound strategy by providing all of the tools and reporting they needed in one place.

"I had all these ideas for content but found our previous software clunky to use, which limited us from doing what we wanted to do."

Chris Heinz

VP of Marketing


Getting On Board with HubSpot

Chris wanted to find a platform that was both comprehensive and could grow with their company over time, so he turned to customer reviews and feedback.  "We did research to better understand customer support of the two platforms. We did a search on Google for 'I Love Pardot' and then we searched 'I Love HubSpot.' We were blown-away with over 47,000 results, it was clear customers love HubSpot," says Chris. 

Chris also attributes the sheer volume and quality of education content and resources that HubSpot produces to their decision to switch.  "I felt like the level of innovation and thought-leadership at HubSpot was unparalleled and knew it would help take our marketing to the next level," says Chris.

He adds, "We were doing inbound marketing before, to a degree, but HubSpot had the inbound philosophy integrated directly into the software, which makes it not just theory but practice and has made us better marketers for it."

"Our content strategy is empowered through the content development, management and publishing tools that HubSpot offers. We couldn’t run our marketing program and meet our marketing goals without HubSpot."

Chris Heinz

VP Marketing


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