Digital Mortgage Advisor Brings Home a 11X Increase in Customers with HubSpot

When digital mortgage advisor launched its online service in 2014, it realised that it was in a perfect position to harness the power of inbound marketing. It tried to draw in visitors and leads with its expert content on their blog, but it found that it wasn’t getting the results it needed. The various marketing tools that it was using weren’t in sync with each other; they were difficult to use and missing key features. The company’s search for a better, more integrated solution led it to HubSpot. Since then, it has turned its website into a lead generation machine by increasing website visitors by 10X, leads by 16X and customers by 11X.


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Digital mortgage advisor uses smart technology to help its customers find the product that is right for them. Launched in January 2014, its goal is to simplify how people make complex financial decisions, by getting rid of jargon and giving impartial advice. Based in the Netherlands, is now recognised as an authority on mortgages and the entire home-buying process.

Opening the Door to a Better Inbound Solution

When digital mortgage advisor launched its service in January 2014, it soon realised that inbound marketing was a perfect fit for its business goals. It wanted to be seen as an authority on house buying and mortgages, and it had the knowledge and content to back this up.

However, its expert advice and blog posts weren’t generating the visitors and leads that it needed. According to the company’s Content Marketing Coordinator Jade Karthaus, the tools that the company was using simply weren’t effective enough – they were missing key features. Its blog was hosted on WordPress; it was using TweetDeck to manage its Twitter account and MailChimp for email marketing. It wasn’t a joined up solution.

“We didn’t really have a way to convert visitors into leads, let alone nurture them into customers. We just weren’t getting a good return on our investment.”

The company began to look into marketing automation platforms, and did an in-depth evaluation of both Marketo and the HubSpot software.

“HubSpot really stood out to us; we felt the company was a real champion of inbound marketing. The HubSpot Marketing Platform offers everything a marketer could need. You can create and publish your content, automate your responses and then analyse the results of your efforts.”

It was clear that this was the one-stop solution that needed, and the company partnered with HubSpot in June 2014.

"With the HubSpot Marketing Platform, I have everything I need to do my job and be successful."

Jade Karthaus

Content Marketing Coordinator

Using the HubSpot Software as a Springboard for Success

Getting up to speed with the HubSpot Marketing Platform didn’t take much time, says Jade. By the end of week one, she had the essentials down. She believes that the HubSpot Academy and its wealth of training and education resources played a big part in this.

“We love the HubSpot Academy. It explains so clearly what the important pillars of inbound marketing are and everything is tailored to what we as a team are trying to do.”

Before partnering with HubSpot, the company’s content wasn’t being fully utilised. There wasn’t a way to follow up with people who interacted with it.

Changing this picture was the obvious first step for the company, and it began the process by setting up its blog on the Blog App. It then transferred all of its social media activities to the Social Inbox App and created Landing Pages and CTAs for all the ebooks and checklists they had started to make. It also used Workflows to automate follow-up communications with its visitors and leads.

Once the new strategy was in place, the next goal for was to measure its effectiveness. Jade is a big fan of the Analytics Dashboard, which gives her detailed reports on every marketing move that the company makes, from its email campaigns to its SEO practices.

“Even if you’re not analytical at all, it is so easy and clear to see how you’re doing with the dashboard. It gives me a really great insight into what is working and what isn't, and I can then tweak what we’re doing accordingly.”

"Thanks to the reporting capabilities of the HubSpot software, I am able to continually improve our marketing."

- Jade Karthaus

Incredible Increases in Visitors, Leads and Customers

Since it implemented the HubSpot Marketing Platform, has seen some truly remarkable results. By February 2016, website traffic had increased by 10X. Leads have been boosted by an amazing 16X, while customer numbers are up by 11X. As well as this, the company’s ebooks and checklists have an average conversion rate of 40%.

These are results that get attention. In fact, Jade reports that colleagues from other companies regularly visit to get tips on inbound marketing. “I always show them how we use the HubSpot software. It makes sense because our whole strategy is based on the platform.” 

Despite its success, isn’t resting on its laurels; it is continuing to learn and grow with the HubSpot Marketing Platform. “At the moment, we’re A/B testing our Workflows to find out when is the optimal time to send a lead a follow-up email. We’re getting some great insights – we thought we were sending them out too quickly, but it turns out that we should be sending them sooner.”

Looking to the future, wants to achieve even better results, particularly in the area of sales. “We want to achieve a huge increase by the end of the year, so we’re looking at how we use CTAs, and we’re delving into the Analytics Dashboard to find out what the potential client really needs from us.”

Jade is sure the partnership between and HubSpot is one that will continue for many years to come. “We are totally convinced of the effectiveness of inbound marketing, so much so that we plan to use it as our sole means of generating leads – we won’t need to advertise anymore. HubSpot has made it easier for us to focus on results and become better marketers.”

"The increases we’ve achieved with the HubSpot software have been remarkable; what’s even better is that the results are still improving."

- Jade Karthaus

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