Singapore Startup, Eyeota, Increases Leads by 4x for Sales Team

Eyeota are an online startup based in Singapore with a mission for global expansion. Without the budget for external resources Felicia, Director of Marketing, recognised the need to manage the marketing in house with an all in one marketing and sales solution. Since implementing HubSpot and an Inbound methodology, Eyeota's web page views increased by 74% and their marketable leads have increased 4x.


Increase in web page views


Increase in marketable leads


Increase in LinkedIn followers

About Eyeota

Eyeota is the global leader in audience data with over 3 billion unique profiles in Europe, APAC and the Americas. Eyeota provides marketers with the data they need to reach the right online audiences and cut campaign waste whilst also enabling publishers to monetize their audiences more widely. In addition, our data delivers deep audience insight to both marketers and online publishers to help them understand their customers in a new way – as human beings.

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