Fiix Software Streamlines Marketing Mix with HubSpot

A lack of visibility into website visitor behavior was preventing Fiix Software from converting leads into customers. Trying to sync six disparate marketing tools to uncover needed insights was challenging for the marketing team. In addition, their technological suite of tools overlapped in their features which was costly. Once the company adopted HubSpot’s all-in-one marketing platform, it gained a powerful toolset that provided a wealth of knowledge, which contributed to an increase in leads and marketing efficiencies.


increase in leads within three months


marketing tools condensed into a single solution

About Fiix Software

Fiix Software is one of the fastest growing cloud-based Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and CMMS solution providers. Using cutting-edge design and technology, Fiix Software develops and delivers maintenance software solutions that are used by thousands of asset-intensive businesses around the world to transform their maintenance operations, eliminate waste and costly downtime, and manage risk. Our robust technology platform enables our partners to build innovative cloud and mobile CMMS solutions for their customers, and participate in the on-going maintenance-related revenues associated with the products and equipment they sell.

Marketing Challenges

Traffic to Fiix Software’s website was at an all-time high, but determining individual visitor behavior was difficult as they lacked web analytics with context. Despite using a combination of six modern marketing tools, the company had limited visibility into individual visitor or lead behavior. This made it difficult to understand what content was converting visitors into leads. Ultimately, red flags were raised when lead volume per month hit a plateau.

In addition, using multiple marketing tools introduced unnecessary complexity. “Running so many multiple platforms was too expensive and cost inefficient due to the high degree of overlap in functionality,” said Meredith Pickering, Marketing Specialist at Fiix Software. “Some of the systems were unnecessarily complicated, which discouraged us from using them to their full potential.”

With marketing goals of converting more customers and building better leads, the company knew something had to change.

"With experience using other marketing tools, we find HubSpot significantly more intuitive to navigate and use, and the support we’ve received has been far superior."

Shane Skiffington

VP of Marketing

Fiix Software

How HubSpot Helped

By adopting HubSpot’s all-in-one marketing platform, Fiix Software was able to consolidate its marketing technology landscape from six systems to one.

“When we capture leads in HubSpot using landing page forms, we can track the exact behavior of that lead, see what they’re interested in, and improve our website experience based on this information,” Pickering explained. This new knowledge prompted a content strategy makeover, which has led to a 143% increase in leads in just three months.


With the help of HubSpot, the company was also able to implement sophisticated lead scoring for the first time. “Having the ability to nurture leads until they are properly ready for interaction has saved our sales team time and effort,” Pickering said.

"Having this insight into prospect behavior allows sales reps to have more personalized, meaningful conversations because they know exactly what leads are doing in order to be earmarked as sales qualified,” Pickering added.

"The forms feature has been absolutely essential to our recent marketing initiatives. With HubSpot we now have visibility about the kind of content our prospects are interested in."

- Meredith Pickering

Results, ROI, and Future Plans

Now using HubSpot Analytics app,Fiix Software finds tracking metrics such as traffic and lead sources much easier having one system in place. 

“Our activities are no longer split across multiple platforms, making execution exponentially simpler and faster,” Pickering said. “Since everything is hosted on and executed through HubSpot, we have a far more holistic view of how programs are working both independently and together.”

Speaking of a holistic view, Fiix Software recently adopted HubSpot CRM to fully align its sales and marketing teams. “Our initial implementation of HubSpot was set up to be synced our previous CRM account,” Pickering said. “But due to ongoing complications with losing records, this was quickly abandoned in favor of the Hubspot CRM to create a completely integrated experience.” 

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