Agency Partner Get Focused On Marketing Boosts Turnover by 3X with HubSpot

Get Focused On Marketing wanted to go all-in with the inbound methodology. However, the disparate tools that it was using weren’t working well together. It needed a powerful, all-in-one solution to deliver ROI for its clients. Since becoming a HubSpot Partner, it has achieved some truly remarkable results – website visitors are up by over 5X, while leads have been boosted by 3X on a monthly basis. It has also increased turnover by 3X within just 18 months.


Increase in turnover


Increase in leads


Increase in website visitors

Get Focused On Marketing Team


Get Focused on Marketing is a digital marketing agency and a HubSpot Platinum Partner based in Ireland, the EMEA hub for digital enterprise, with a global focus. It creates digital marketing plans tailored to each customer, helping them to engage with their target markets through the use of smart content. Its services include website redesign, search engine optimisation and social media training, with the primary aim of improving lead generation, sales and ROI.

From Many Tools to One Powerful Platform

Get Focused On Marketing has customers all over the world. By 2014, it had already started focusing on inbound marketing, but it knew that it could do better. The collection of disparate tools it was using, including MailChimp, WordPress and Google Analytics, simply weren’t delivering consistent results. According to Ross Lauder, director of sales and marketing at the company:

“The problem with multiple tools is that they don’t play well together, so it’s not easy to see what’s working and what isn’t. It was also challenging to get our staff trained up on all the different platforms. We needed an all-in-one solution that would allow us to implement an integrated strategy and deliver tangible ROI for our customers.”

As a former HubSpot employee, Ross had seen first-hand just how powerful the HubSpot Marketing Platform can be. For him, it was the only choice – it was easy to use and had all the features Get Focused On Marketing would need to go all-in with inbound marketing.

“I knew that it would allow us to achieve real growth, both for ourselves and our clients. When I demonstrated how it could help us scale our processes and also our business, I didn't have to do much convincing to get a company-wide buy-in; we joined the HubSpot Partner Program in November 2014.”

As the Chief Content Editor with Get Focused On Marketing, Adam Hyland is responsible for creating and overseeing all of the content the agency produces both for their own site and for their clients. 

“The HubSpot platform is indispensable as a tool. It allows me to optimise every piece of content produced as I write or edit it, while seamlessly integrating and promoting it across all of our digital platforms. This ensures it is as effective as possible and allows me to easily assess the impact and reachability of every post, so that I know what works, what doesn’t, and where I can improve.”

Adam says that the on-site information, tips, tools and best practices available from HubSpot “allow me to produce compelling content consistently and are invaluable assets in helping us to deliver results for both our company and our clients”.

"Partnering with HubSpot allowed us find our voice and communicate our message, and then roll up our sleeves and embed ourselves in our clients’ businesses."

Ross Lauder

Director of Sales and Marketing

Get Focused On Marketing

A Springboard for Scaling

Get Focused On Marketing set to work defining its customer personas, so it could better target them with content and offers.

“We’ve defined three main personas – the first is mid-level, services-led companies, such as accountancy and law firms, and the second one is funded start-up software companies. Then we have other marketing agencies, typically small operations of one to three people – we focus on how we can take tasks off their hands so they can concentrate on the bigger issues,” says Ross.

Once these personas were in place, he began to target them with content and offers.

“I separated the content on our Blog to appeal to each persona and created Landing Pages with downloadable articles, guides and ebooks. We also use Smart CTAs and Smart Content, which allows us to deliver in multiple currencies and really be a ‘global’ marketing organisation.”

Within weeks, Get Focused On Marketing had acquired its first customers through inbound marketing. It began to build a reputation for developing websites on the HubSpot COS, which led to further retainer work developing Campaigns and Workflows. In March 2015, it decided that it had to become an exclusively HubSpot agency and only work with clients who had the software.

“For me, what it came down to was leverage and scalability, and that’s what you get with the HubSpot Marketing Platform,” explains Ross. “I didn’t want to take on low value retainers that were difficult to service from a time perspective. When clients have the HubSpot software, we have the springboard we need to get them the results they need, and that translates into higher value retainer contracts for us.”

Get Focused On Marketing has embraced the inbound methodology completely, both for itself and its customers. According to Ross, the all-one-nature of the HubSpot software has allowed it to hone its strategy and become more effective.

“If we want to hire someone, we can now give them a playbook – here are the HubSpot certifications you need to get, here’s how you engage with the clients. We don’t have to adapt our methods for ten different platforms anymore. From developers and editors to account managers and owners, we're now all on the same page for delivery.”

"Becoming a HubSpot partner has been a game-changer for us. What I love is that we now all have our role to play in the bigger marketing machine and can contribute in a meaningful way."

- Ross Lauder

Reaping the Rewards of a Productive Partnership

Since partnering with HubSpot, Get Focused On Marketing has achieved some truly impressive results. Website visitors have been boosted by over 5X, while leads are up over 3X on a monthly basis. It has also increased its turnover by a striking 3X in less than 18 months, something that Ross says would not have been possible if they hadn’t changed their inbound approach.

The company’s clients are reaping the benefits as well. “Our mindset has changed to really focus on value and ROI for our clients, rather than once-off marketing projects. On average, they see a 2X to 3X boost in traffic to their websites within six months of working with us. We have also seen 4X and 5X increases – that is usually people who have a base of good content already, but they haven’t been leveraging it with targeted offers.”

Ross says that the company’s newfound ability to prove ROI has been vital to that success. Get Focused On Marketing’s clients typically see a five to tenfold return on their investment, and these huge numbers see them signing up for more.

The agency now has ten HubSpot clients on its books, has taken on more staff and has become a HubSpot Platinum Partner. However, it still has big plans for future growth.

“We want to get our client numbers up to 25 in the next 12 months,” asserts Ross. “100% of our customers used to come from referrals, now we are getting 60% of our leads through inbound. We want to make that at least 80%."

“We’re going to continue to work on our website – we’ve always produced content but now it’s about refining that honing that content even further to hone in on our personas’ needs.”

He would recommend that other marketing agencies that want to take the leap into inbound consider the HubSpot Marketing Platform. “They’ll be able to realise growth in a very step-by-step and scalable fashion though a platform that delivers everything that’s required to realise success.”

"The HubSpot software is the solution you need to level the playing field and scale your business."

- Ross Lauder

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