Plastics Company Thrives during Economic Downturn : Global Plastic Sheeting

Global Plastic Sheeting had hired a web designer to build their site, but had no way of effectively driving traffic to it. They were struggling to keep up with the awareness and recognition of their more-established competitors.


increase in sales


increase in leads


increase in traffic

About Global Plastic Sheeting

Global Plastic Sheeting provides a variety of flexible, heavy duty plastic sheeting for all industries.

Global Plastic Sheeting Vista, California B2B 1-10 Employees Industrial Materials

“It's nothing less than a miracle what we have been able to achieve because of HubSpot.”

- Nana Hinsley, Director of Marketing, Global Plastic Sheeting


  • Before HubSpot, as a one-year-old company, they had to rely on a web designer to build and make changes to their website. The initial build took a full six (6) months.

  • Once the website was live, Global Plastic Sheeting struggled to drive traffic to it. Their more-established competitors ranked higher in search and had more brand recognition.

  • Needed a way to dramatically boost their search engine ranking, increase website traffic, and convert a substantial percentage of that traffic into happy customers.

I HubSpot because... I love growing my business!


  • Global Plastic Sheet used HubSpot'sContent Managementtool to take control over their website and easily build numerous pages that helped to show off their vast product lines and increase the volume of keyword-rich content associated with their brand

  • They used HubSpot'sKeyword Graderto understand what terms people were using to search for their product. This valuable insight helped them to gain Page One rankings on Google for 137 of their keywords

  • By utilizing HubSpot'sLead Nurturingtool, Global Plastic Sheeting was able to customize their email marketing campaigns to better address the specific needs of prospective customers visiting their website—and convert more of those leads into happy customers




“We have landed business from all over the world. We have made so many people happy by having what they need for their particular project. I honestly don't know if we could have made it in this economy without utilizing all the advice from HubSpot through their platform."

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