HeatTrak Fires Up Leads by 600% with HubSpot

Since its inception in 2004, HeatTrak built a reputation as a premier provider of outdoor snow-melting mats. Although it had built up a solid fan base over the years, HeatTrak’s CEO, Hillel Glazer, realized there was a big hole in its marketing. While business was growing year over year, there were lots of potential customers falling through the cracks. It needed to increase the visibility of its website even further and use it to convert visitors and leads into customers. Together with its marketing agency The Brand Builders, it decided to go all-in with an inbound strategy and invest in the HubSpot software. Within 12 months, it has achieved tremendous results, including a 600% increase in leads, a 15% boost to customers and a 23% gain in revenue.


Increase in leads


Increase in customers


Increase in revenue

HeatTrak Team


Founded 2004, HeatTrak is the world’s premier manufacturer of outdoor heated snow-melting mats. The first of its kind, HeatTrak’s portable snow mats are designed to melt snow and ice automatically, leaving sidewalks, stairs, and driveways clear of snow and ice. The mats are made of customized thermoplastic material and meant to be left outside all winter long. HeatTrak manufactures its snow melting mats for homeowners, storefronts, facilities and more for customers in the US, Canada and Europe.

Going All-in With a Smart Inbound Solution

Since 2004, HeatTrak had built a reputation as a premier provider of outdoor snow-melting heated mats for both consumers and businesses. However, its marketing efforts hadn’t kept pace with its success. By 2015, founder Hillel Glazer realized HeatTrak needed a change in strategy, one that would allow it to turn its website into a lead generating machine.

Hillel explains, “We were promoting ourselves through trade shows and with traditional advertising, but we just weren’t seeing the return on investment that we wanted. We dabbled in email marketing with MailChimp, but it wasn’t integrated with our website and we had no way of capturing leads. We needed a more joined-up solution.”

HeatTrak teamed up with marketing agency The Brand Builders, who advised HeatTrak to go all in with the inbound methodology and adopt the HubSpot Marketing Platform. As the President of a HubSpot Partner Agency, Ruthie Abraham is an advocate of the HubSpot platform and the inbound marketing methodology.

“The HubSpot software had all the tools I needed under the one roof. I knew it would allow us to launch our new strategy quickly and seamlessly and allow us to create amazing results for HeatTrak,” says Ruthie.

"The HubSpot Marketing Platform allows us to control all our marketing activities in the one place, so we have more time to spend crafting great strategy and creating great content."

Ruthie Abraham


The Brand Builders

Creating Content That Counts and Converts

Ruthie says that her challenge was to get the HeatTrak product in front of an online audience and “create moments of discovery.” She started the process by identifying who the target customer is for HeatTrak and by building personas to represent each segment of ideal prospects.

“We have the Harry Homeowner persona, who lives in the suburbs and likes to take care of his house and is a proactive homeowner. Then we have the Main Street Mary persona, who is a small business owner who runs a brick and mortar store on the local Main Street. We also have a persona for an elderly person or their baby boomer kids who are caring for them; these are people who want to make day-to-day living as safe as possible during the winter.”

The next step was to create content that would serve these personas. Ruthie and her team wrote blog posts and ebooks on a variety of topics, from how to choose the best snow shovel to how to determine the most effective snow removal method for your situation.

HeatTrak CEO Hillel explains that it was important for him to position HeatTrak as a leader in the winter safety field. “We operate in a niche market and we want to dominate it. I knew that the right content would really help us build our brand and become the go-to company for products, advice and expertise.”

“Heat mats are a seasonal product, and many customers only make a purchase in the fall or winter. However, we found that many of the leads we started nurturing in June came back in October to buy. We could then look at the reporting within the HubSpot dashboard and see how well our campaigns had worked and show HeatTrack the ROI of its marketing,” says Ruthie.

"We created top-notch content that was relevant and highly valuable to our personas, and put systems in place to capture leads and nurture them until they're ready to buy."

Hillel Glazer



The Personal Touch Brings Powerful Results

Thanks to the new inbound strategy, the HeatTrak website is now filled with relevant, targeted content and visitors are being nurtured through the marketing funnel. Within 12 months, blog views have increased by 4X, while leads have increased by 600%, with a whopping 7% of website visitors converting into customers from one workflow. Customers have been boosted by 15% and revenue is up by 23%.

According to Ruthie, “We’re thrilled to be able to serve HeatTrak’s prospects and customers with helpful and valuable content. It helps us build rapport with them and we are seeing a direct correlation to transactions and new customers. In HeatTrak’s commercial B2B business division we are finding that by providing high level content for the prospect to consume they come to trust the HeatTrak brand, and they know that we understand their needs.”

In the coming 12 months, Ruthie plans to make even more advances with the help of the HubSpot software. Leveraging this past year’s success of their featured offer, “The Ultimate Homeowner's Guide to Snow Melting Mats” that performed above expectation, she intends to replicate its success by launching more content resources.

HeatTrak has already renewed its contract with The Brand Builders and Ruthie says that she will continue to use the HubSpot software to get the best results. “We are thrilled to work with the HubSpot Marketing Platform and recommend it to our clients. When you find something that works, that allows you to create results, then you’ve hit gold. We see it as an engine that we keep fuelling in the form of strategy, content and execution.”

"The inbound marketing approach and the use of the HubSpot Marketing Platform has really enhanced the effectiveness of HeatTrak's marketing efforts."

- Hillel Glazer

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