hedgehog lab Grows Revenue by 160% in First Year with HubSpot

hedgehog lab is a global technology consultancy that designs and develops apps and digital solutions. It has grown exponentially since its foundation in 2007; it now has six global offices and over 110 staff members. In 2014, the company realised that its marketing strategy needed to change if it was to keep that growth going. An all-in-one inbound platform was the way forward, and it chose the HubSpot software. Since then, hedgehog lab has achieved remarkable results, including a 300% increase in website traffic and a 500% increase in leads.


Revenue growth in first year


Increase in leads


Increase in website traffic

hedgehog lab Team


hedgehog lab’s mission is to be the best technology consultancy in the world. It designs, develops and markets digital products for smartphones, tablets, wearables, connected devices, virtual reality and connected vehicles. Its partners rely on it to deliver engaging software that combines great user experience with reliability. With six offices across three continents, hedgehog lab works with a variety of organisations, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. It has architected and developed mobile solutions and software for clients including News International, Channel 4, Financial Times, Booths, AkzoNobel, B&M and Mitsubishi.

A Way to Supercharge Growth

hedgehog lab had experienced great organic growth since it pivoted into the post-PC space, but it knew that marketing would be key to its continued success.

“The way we were doing marketing was very localised,” explains hedgehog lab CEO and co-founder Sarat Pediredla. “We basically listed ourselves in various product directories and with agencies, which confined our reach. In terms of content, we had lots of point solutions – we used plugins for our WordPress blog, a programme to create landing pages and Google Analytics. However, they didn’t integrate well together, and it was difficult to create cohesive, results-driven campaigns.”

The aim was to become known as a thought leader within its sector, so making sure that its content got noticed and consumed by the right people was a priority. It first started using Pardot for marketing automation, however, Sarat heard about HubSpot’s ease of use and many features.

“A friend recommended HubSpot after they achieved outstanding results with the software. They told me it’s the best option for strategic, effective inbound and has tools for every stage of the funnel. We investigated HubSpot further, and it aligned with all our objectives, from capturing and nurturing leads to proving the ROI of our activities. We looked at many other platforms, and while some of them did a few things well, they didn’t come close to what HubSpot was offering.”

The decision was an easy one, and hedgehog lab signed up with HubSpot in 2014.

"We pretty much fell in love with the HubSpot software from day one; it offered everything we needed to supercharge our marketing."

Sarat Pediredla

CEO and Co-Founder

hedgehog lab

Aligning Marketing and Sales

Today, hedgehog lab’s website is a destination for industry insights and updates. It uses the Social Inbox to drive traffic to its regularly updated blog and its repository of whitepapers, reports and case studies. Visitors are encouraged to engage through Calls-to-Action and Forms, which allows the company to develop a progressive profile of its leads.

“From the start, we found the HubSpot software intuitive and easy to use, and we really like that it’s backed by a high level of support. Everyone on the marketing team dips into the resources available from the HubSpot Academy, as do our designers, and we can pick up the phone to our HubSpot customer success manager if we have any specific questions.”

One of hedgehog lab’s goals was to solve the disconnect between its sales and marketing departments. Buoyed by his experience with HubSpot Marketing, Sarat decided to investigate the HubSpot CRM. Both he and his head of sales were convinced that it was the perfect solution, and the company made the switch to the HubSpot Growth Stack

“We had been doing both inbound and outbound sales, but really, we thought that our inbound strategy would take three or four years to bear fruit. The HubSpot CRM offered a way to change that. It would give us a clear view of the visitor’s journey, and our sales team would get the actionable insights they needed.”

The consultancy also started using HubSpot Sales, which has helped to make inbound sales a reality rather than a distant prospect.

“It has had a massive impact on how our salespeople work. They get notified when a prospect opens an email, for example, so they can follow up at just the right time. It gives them everything they need to nurture those relationships and actually close deals.”

"The HubSpot software really changed the game for us. It gave us an insight into our sales cycle that simply wasn’t possible before."

- Sarat Pediredla

Results That Have Grown in Leaps and Bounds

Since it started its journey with HubSpot, hedgehog lab has achieved tremendous results. Website traffic has increased by 300%, while leads are up by 500%.

“We see increases month-on-month, and that’s right across the board. For example, whenever we put out a new whitepaper, we get download rates of up to 25%, which is something that we never had before,” says Sarat.

The company also has proof positive that its strategy is working.

“Before we started using the HubSpot software, we were a six-figure revenue company. In 2016, we grew our revenue by 160%, then in 2017, we grew that by 60%. Not only have we grown in revenue, we have also gone global. We now have six offices worldwide and the HubSpot software is our essential command centre for managing all those moving parts.”

hedgehog lab plans to continue that global expansion and its partnership with HubSpot.

“We’re really bullish about the HubSpot roadmap – we love where the product is going. We have already upgraded to Enterprise level, and the plan is to use it even more, especially the advanced features.”

"The HubSpot software is at the core of our marketing plan for 2018."

- Sarat Pediredla

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