Higher Logic sought All-in-One Marketing Platform to Improve Marketing Efficiencies

Higher Logic was invested in Marketo’s marketing automation system and was frustrated by its complexity and the inefficiencies they felt it caused for their marketing team. Upon joining as the CMO in the Fall of 2013, Hunter Montgomery set out to find a better solution – which he found in HubSpot.

About Higher Logic

Higher Logic offers a cloud-based social enterprise platform that brings like-minded people together in secure communities designed to enable relevant and purposeful interactions, ignite knowledge sharing, drive content creation and improve performance. Higher Logic empowers more than 18 million users in over 100,000 communities to build relationships, forge partnerships and build dynamic interactions.

Marketing Automation in a Vacuum

Higher Logic had been using Marketo to support their marketing and lead generations efforts for a year and a half prior to Hunter joining as their new CMO. Immediately he recognized that they were spending a lot of time and money on a system to essentially blast emails and he saw major inefficiencies in the way the marketing team worked. For example, the marketing program manager had to provide all components to a marketing campaign three weeks ahead of launch in order for someone else on the team to build it out in Marketo. 

Both Hunter and Higher Logic’s CEO, Rob Wenger, understood that they needed to implement an inbound marketing strategy to remain an innovative industry leader, not just marketing automation in a vacuum. “I was surprised they had Marketo, it’s a beast.  It doesn’t solve marketers problems rather is overkill for what most are trying to do.”  

They wanted to be smarter about who they email and needed more intuitive analytics from an all-in-one system to support their efforts. So they started to look for a better marketing solution.

"I was surprised they had Marketo, it’s a beast. It doesn’t solve marketers problems rather is overkill for what most are trying to do."

Hunter Montgomery

Chief Marketing Officer

Higher Logic

HubSpot Improves Marketing Efficiency

Hunter chose HubSpot for its ease of use, analytics, and because he felt that it would help Higher Logic meet all of its marketing objectives.

Hunter was able to get everyone on the team quickly trained and using the tools they needed to be more efficient.  “Our marketing program manager creates her own landing pages, tests smart content, manages contacts - she never even logged into Marketo before and now she’s off and running with HubSpot.” 

Hunter feels that they have more lead intelligence by using the drag and drop form fields with progressive profiling.  These tools help them to build out more robust profiles of their contacts, which is important to their sales reps. The approach they take and conversations with an entry-level online community manager are entirely different with someone on the executive level. With progressive profiling, they can use smart content on forms to fill in missing content such as job title.

Higher Logic also values the integrations HubSpot offers, specifically with GoTo Webinar. This powerful integration saves them time and was recently used to launch their popular “Learning Series,” interactive webinars designed to present real-life examples of social media successes and provide guidelines on how their attendees can best engage their audiences.



Looking towards the Future with HubSpot

As Higher Logic grows and continues to see improved marketing efficiencies, they plan to incorporate more of HubSpot’s Smart Content capabilities to further personalize their customer’s online interactions.  By customizing the content displayed to their four unique personas, they will increase the quality of leads that eventually get passed onto their sales team. In turn, their sales team will have a deep understanding of that person, what interests them, how they interact with their company across email campaigns, web visits, content read and social media. 

"If you want a system that acts like a full time member of your marketing team, then go for HubSpot, it will be used by everyone and will help them meet their individual objectives and your organizations goals – it’s a no brainer with HubSpot."

- Hunter Montgomery

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