Mexican Mortgage and Financial Services Start-Up Launches with Accelerated Growth Using HubSpot

As a fast growing start-up, needed a solid marketing and online sales strategy to establish their brand within the marketplace and generate leads for both their agency and their bank partners. The company looked to HubSpot's all-in-one marketing and sales platform in order to attract, create and close new sales opportunities. A key part of their success was due to HubSpot's training and education of their marketing and sales teams. With the help of a partner agency, they also established their entire website on the HubSpot CMS then managed to convert it into the new HubSpot COS version themselves.


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About is the first online financial supermarket in Mexico and Latin America, a financial "one-stop-shop". This platform connects users with the best suppliers of financial products and services, such as mortgage loans, credit cards, life, medical, vehicle and home insurance, as well as credit repair and credit reporting services.

Launching a Start-Up to Address Financial Education in Mexico

In March 2012, Ramón Estrada resigned from his full time job as an executive at the largest housing developer in Mexico to launch a The company revolved around his hard work and after just a few months they opened an office in San Ángel, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Mexico City. In Mexico a large percentage of the population still remains outside the financial system. This is why when it comes to making the decision to take out a mortgage loan, people usually choose the easiest option. For example, they go to the closest bank, which may not necessarily be the best alternative. "There is not really a culture of comparing prices and getting information on the best alternatives", says Ramón.

This is why decided to create a digital platform where people could learn and compare various existing loans and choose the most convenient alternative according to each person's profile, promoting transparency and informed decisions. They started by launching an online mortgage comparator which was developed internally by the team at This attracted a lot of attention and they started to receive their first visits to the site.

"We started to have visits mainly thanks to the efforts of our public relations campaign and user referrals. However, we still had to build trust in the channel and improve the financial knowledge of our users."

The digital platform allowed for greater reach at a lower cost; however, once the initial enthusiasm was over, needed to ensure constant visits and increased trust of portal users.

Soon after the site was launched, Ramón realized that credibility was critical. Although first began by providing an online comparator, if the users wanted to learn more they had to provide their personal information, and many did not want to do this. "We were asking people to provide their personal information without telling them what our value proposition was and we realized we needed a new strategy."

"At we not only seek to offer the best products and financial services to every user, we also want to provide an extraordinary experience and HubSpot has facilitated this process."

Ramón Estrada


Implementing an Inbound Marketing Strategy

Ramón decided to use HubSpot after reading about the value of inbound marketing from a book on lead generation. He learned about the importance of cultivating sales opportunities by automating certain marketing processes and creating the able to engage in personally customized relationship with customers. Shortly thereafter, the company began to looking for marketing automation solutions.

"We looked at Marketo and other alternatives, but decided on HubSpot because their consulting was very good. We did not know anybody in Mexico who was using the software, but HubSpot helped to connect us with one of its clients, that sealed the deal for us."

Ramón tells that already had a webpage up and running, but it was more of an attractive site to provide information and had not been optimized to convert leads. With the support of a HubSpot partner, the company designed and set up a new version of their site using the HubSpot CMS. This has helped immensely by giving their team the tools to change and modify their own website without having to rely on outside developers. 

This decision to work with HubSpot has not only turned their website into a inbound marketing machine but has dramatically shifted the company's culture and approach to both sales and marketing.

Aligning Sales and Marketing

When started using HubSpot, Ramón quickly realized that their marketing and sales teams were not aligned properly. Marketing was happy because they began to see the number of visitors and prospects increase but sales was unable to convert leads into customers at the speed they expected.

This lack of alignment was resolved with Inbound Marketing training that's required of all new HubSpot customers. Both the sales and marketing teams watched training webinars and became highly educated on inbound marketing and sales processes. Today, the management team requires their staff to become inbound marketing certified.  Only months after implementing HubSpot and an inbound marketing strategy, saw an increase of more than 20% in the organic visits month over month.

"At we not only seek to offer the best products and financial services to every user, we also want to provide an extraordinary experience and HubSpot has facilitated this process."

The team at has been very successful and thanks to their impressive growth across the Mexican marketplace, the INADEM (the National Institute of Entrepreneurs) of the Secretariat of the Economy of the Mexican Government, decided to support them by providing funds to aid their growth. They have now set up the HubSpot CRM and began other projects in order to strengthen the platform because was considered to be a high impact company with great potential for international growth.

Results and Future Plans

After using HubSpot for 18 months, had more than 380,000 organic visits, a 2.3 % conversion rate and a database of almost 9,000 contacts. Internally, the efficiency of the marketing and sales teams improved dramatically. Today, the marketing team is generating qualified prospects who are personally served by the sales team.

Thanks to the database, the large number of visits and the constant generation of content, managed to gain an important competitive edge in the market. In the future, the company aims to increase the services and products offered at in order to reach 150,000 organic visits by December 2014, and to increase the conversion rate (contact/visit) from the current rate of 2% to 5%.

To reach these goals, aims to continue strengthening their Inbound Marketing strategy and achieve the efficient integration of the new CRM to this process.

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