Holsteiner Races Ahead With HubDB

Holsteiner VB is the German breeding association for Holsteiner horses, one of the world’s premier sport breeds. It organises regular horse auctions, and it needed to create an online catalogue that worked harder and produced more qualified leads. With the help of inbound marketing agency Dietz & Consorten, Hamburg it did just that. It invested in the HubSpot growth stack, making particular use of the HubDB database tool. Holsteiner achieved fantastic results including 180% increase in website traffic, which generated 600 leads.


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Holsteiner Team


Holsteiner Verband is a German-based horse breeders’ association with roots that date back to the 19th century. Holsteiner horses are world leaders in show jumping – Holsteiner VB oversees the protection of the breed and organises regular auctions of both riding horses and stud stallions.

Starting the Search for a Data-Driven Website

Holsteiner VB is a German-based horse breeders’ association that oversees the protection of the Holsteiner breed and organises regular auctions of both riding horses and stud stallions. It was already well known within the high-value, niche market in which it operates, but it wanted its website to do more to help it connect with potential customers.

Christian Dietz is the managing director of the marketing agency Dietz and Consorten, and was there to assist when Holsteiner asked him to help them implement an inbound approach.

“At the time, Holsteiner was using another marketing agency, and it had created a website without a modern database and that wasn’t responsive. People were going to the website and just downloading a PDF catalogue of all the horses that were for sale. They weren’t asked for their details, so there was no way to collect any information about them or to nurture them with personalised follow-ups.”

Christian needed to find a way to create a catalogue that was immediately viewable by visitors to the website. It had to contain the most up-to-date details about every horse that was for sale, be easy for Holsteiner staff to update and encourage user interaction. The HubSpot suite of marketing and sales products, in particular the HubDB database tool, was perfect for its needs.

“With Holsteiner’s previous database, everyone was working on different Excel sheets. That meant that details could be lost and not make it into the catalogue at all. The potential customer wasn’t getting the full picture. With HubDB, everyone would be working on the same page, and they could make updates wherever and whenever they wanted to.”

The Holsteiner board were convinced that this was something that could transform its business, and it gave Dietz and Corsorten the go-ahead to start working on the Holsteiner website.

"We knew that with HubDB, we could make the Holsteiner website easier for visitors to use and create a better dialogue with potential clients."

Christian Dietz

Managing Director

Dietz and Consorten

Creating a Dynamic New Database with HubDB

Christian’s first task was to use HubDB to create Holsteiner’s new master database. Everything about each horse on its books – its complete description, as well as its pictures, videos and pedigree details – is now contained in one database entry that can be updated by any relevant Holsteiner employee.

And, as HubDB is a powerful content management tool, Holsteiner can position that database information on Landing Pages on its website with just a couple of clicks. For example, all the horses in Holsteiner’s current auction have their own Landing Page complete with Calls to Action (CTAs) to encourage leads to interact.

“The content on the Holsteiner website is now a lot more dynamic, and it can all be managed from HubDB. Every time an entry is changed in the database, it is automatically updated on the right Landing Page. That means that the website user is getting the most up-to-date information available. It is a game-changer for a data-driven company like Holsteiner,” says Christian.

Holsteiner is using the HubSpot growth stack – a combination of the HubSpot Marketing, CRM and Sales software, and it has already made a difference to how it is interacting with its leads and clients. Previously, Holsteiner didn’t have a way to gather information on how prospects were behaving on its site, while visitors didn’t have an easy way to communicate their wants and needs.

“Holsteiner can see who is serious about buying and who isn’t, which was something that they simply weren’t able to do before.”

This means that only warm leads are passed on to the Holsteiner salespeople, and when they do approach them, they are armed with relevant information. Then, with HubSpot Sales in place, they are notified whenever a prospect opens an email, clicks a link or downloads an attachment, so they can follow up at just the right time.

“Holsteiner knows so much more about their leads now, and that makes people more confident about doing business with them. A horse is something that they are going to have for perhaps the next 10 to 15 years, so it’s not an impulse purchase. They can see that Holsteiner genuinely cares about helping them find the one that is right for them.”

"Holsteiner has a much clearer view on its leads now, and closing deals has become a lot easier."

- Christian Dietz

Winning the Race to Results

Holsteiner began its journey with HubSpot on February 1, 2017, and it started to see results almost immediately. Within two weeks, it had gained 49,000 visitors and 300 new contacts, and had a Landing Page conversion rate of 30%. By the end of March, when Spring auction ended, it had gained more then 20 Sales Qualified Leads, 7 new customers and 4 of them bought a Holsteiner Showjumping horse at the auction.

“Holsteiner now has a much clearer insight into who is on their website, which means that it can refine its offers and create a better customer experience. I had a meeting with the CEO , who is also responsoble for more 50 Stalions, and he was amazed that within two weeks of setting up the HubSpot software, 50 people had made contact with his customer service. Last year, that took four months,” explains Christian.

Christian has already received expressions of interest from other clients who want Dietz & Consorten to transform their content-driven websites with HubDB.

“The majority of our customers are in the horse breeding or the agricultural industries – big harvesting and seeding companies, veterinary pharmaceuticals and so on. For them, the potential of HubDB is huge.”

"Before we set up HubDB, Holsteiner wasn’t getting many new customers, it was all repeat business. Now it’s getting the fresh, qualified leads it needs."

- Christian Dietz

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