Agency Partner iGoMoon Rockets its Way to a 220% Increase in Leads

By 2015, Swedish digital agency iGoMoon was looking to do more than website development for its clients – it wanted to offer them a complete inbound marketing solution. It joined the HubSpot Partner Program and since then has been making great gains, both for its customers and itself. Within a month, it boosted its own website traffic by 110%, lead generation by 220% and blog traffic by a staggering 350%.


Increase in leads


Increase in website traffic


Increase in blog traffic


Swedish digital agency iGoMoon was founded in 2012 and initially concentrated on building WordPress websites for its clients. By 2015, it was looking for a way to expand its service offering to include inbound marketing; it joined the HubSpot Partner Program. Today, iGoMoon combines web development, inbound marketing and design to help companies develop relationships, find leads and close deals.

A Game-Changing Inbound Solution

Founded in Stockholm in 2012, digital agency iGoMoon initially concentrated on building WordPress websites for its clients. However, by 2015, it felt that it could be doing more to help them attract visitors and convert leads after the initial design process was completed.

“We were very focused on output; we wanted to focus more on outcomes and build better relationships with our customers,” recalls iGoMoon CEO Mattias Grönborg.

He was introduced to HubSpot software by one of his existing customers who wanted iGoMoon’s help to implement the platform. As he did so, he began to realise that this was something that could be a game-changer for his own company.

“HubSpot was offering us all the tools and support we needed to do inbound really well. I saw it as a way for us to futureproof our business.” iGoMoon decided to join the HubSpot Partner Program, so that it could sell HubSpot licences to its customers and “give ourselves an edge in the marketplace”.

"The training and certifications that HubSpot offer were a big incentive for us. They made it possible for us to educate our employees to become the inbound experts we needed them to be."

Mattias Grönborg



Creating Websites That Work Harder

iGoMoon immediately began to speak with clients about its new inbound offering. Mattias says that the Analytics Platform made it easy to demonstrate how inbound can boost ROI.

“The great thing is that all the KPIs and statistics are there in the one place, and you can view the entire journey of a prospect. Before, you would have to use ten different apps to show that much information to a client.”

iGoMoon initially concentrated on gaining new customers and only implemented the HubSpot software on its own website in February 2016. It put its blog on the Blog App, using its built-in SEO features and the Social Inbox to drive traffic to its new posts. It also set up its premium content on Landing Pages and added CTAs and Forms to encourage visitor interaction. What is wonderful, says Mattias, is that the company is already achieving more than 35% of its leads from inbound.

“The majority of prospects who are interested in our HubSpot offering come from our website, and we have a 90% close rate on those. It’s has a huge impact.”

"The biggest change for us is that we’re now getting customers from our website and leads from outside of Sweden. That would not have happened without the inbound marketing methodology."

- Mattias Grönborg

Amazing Results Lead to Long-Term Clients

iGoMoon is already working with 20 clients in the HubSpot Marketing Platform and has helped them gain powerful results.

“All our clients have seen big increases in their website traffic and leads,” says Mattias. “One customer went from 1,000 visitors a month to over 3,000 and from zero leads a month to 400. That took just three months to achieve.”

iGoMoon has also reaped the benefits of the HubSpot Marketing Platform itself. Within just one month, it boosted its website traffic by 110%, its lead generation by 220% and its blog traffic by a staggering 350%.

According to the company’s CTO, Erik Rörström, the move to inbound has allowed iGoMoon to close more retainer-based contracts rather than one-off projects. These days, it helps its clients with every step of their digital marketing process – strategy, design, content creation and continuous development.

“The problem with selling WordPress sites was that there was rarely any further meaningful contact with the customer once the project was finished. The only time we talked to them afterwards was if something was broken on their site or they wanted some routine maintenance tasks done.

“With the inbound marketing methodology, we help marketing directors become more valuable internally; they can show their bosses the evidence of how their work is adding value. Naturally, that’s something that they want to continue on a long-term basis.”

Looking to the future, iGoMoon has big plans for expansion and growth. It has already doubled its team from five employees to 10 since joining the Partner Program, and Mattias wants to keep that momentum going.

“The first step is to build up our agency to become the leader in inbound marketing in Scandinavia. After that, we have a dream to open up offices in Europe and branch out where the sun shines most of the year.

There is no doubt that partnership between HubSpot and iGoMoon has been a resounding success. The company recently achieved HubSpot Platinum Partner status and hopes to reach Diamond tier by the end of the year. It’s a partnership that Mattias says will continue for many years to come.

“We work a very competitive industry, and the kind of service that we offer our clients today wouldn’t have been possible without HubSpot.”

"HubSpot helps us in so many ways. It’s allowed us to add value for our clients and scale our company."

- Mattias Grönborg

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